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Future of Learning – learning technology predictions for 2021-2022

The COVID-19 outbreak, which has forced millions of people to learn remotely, has given another push to educational technology and online education. Although, even before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, the eLearning industry was hailed as the next necessary revolution in learning. Research from Arizton shows that the global e-learning market was valued at $190[…]


7 Practical Tips To Make Virtual Training More Effective And Compelling

This article first published at elearningindustry.com 7 Practical Tips To Make Virtual Training More Effective And Compelling Training is crucial for every company. During this virtual world or “new normal,” it is essential to understand that replacing the classroom learning experience with virtual learning is not the direct answer; it requires proper methodologies and practices[…]

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From Mindfulness to Meditation – My 10 Days Silent meditation transformative experience

  I have recently attended 10 days noble silence meditation retreat called Vipassana Meditation. In this article, I’ll share my detailed experiences about My transformative Vipassana meditation Journey with you. This involves my experiences, learnings, observation, Knowing Spirituality in more depth, self-discipline, training your mind, controlling your mind and body, winning over pain, everything is energy and[…]

Learning 2.0: Customized Learning Solutions

Learning 2.0: Customized Learning Solutions

This article was first published at elearningindustry.com When an employee is provided with personal direction, attention, and content catered to their specific needs, they learn more, are faster and achieve more significant results. Necessarily, you can achieve better outcomes with your training courses by making them more personal. Customized Or Personalized Learning Solutions Most trainers would agree—customized[…]


Choosing The Right Learning Management System: Factors And Elements

This article was first published at elearningindustry.com. There are many training platforms in the market. It is very important to choose the right Learning Management System (LMS) for your organization’s learning needs: This article will help to understand the roles of the Learning Management System in the learning environment, how both instructors and learners interact[…]


Best Elearning development resouces

One of the challenges that eLearning professionals face is knowing just where to find useful and effective eLearning resources for course design. However, there are a variety of sites that offer wonderful instructional design tools that materials for you to choose from. Better yet, a vast majority of them are absolutely free. Here are the[…]

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Using eLearning As A Tool For Learning And Development Success

This article was first published at eLearningindustry.com In the present scenario, a wave of new eLearning tools has helped Learning and Development professionals avoid repetitive classroom training. Instead of standing in a conference room full of employees each quarter, trainers can now present the curriculum via online video presentations and interactive eLearning, and check for[…]


3 Tips For Rapid Storyboard Development

Storyboards are very important elements of eLearning development; they direct learners towards achieving the performance objective, whereas also give a clear direction to the developer to create an effective eLearning experience. This article first published at elearningindustry.com. In this article I will focus on rapid storyboard development and share some tips on how to create eLearning storyboards[…]


How To Create An Effective eLearning Experience?

This article was first published at http://elearningindustry.com. In today’s business scenarios, anyone may be able to create a simple online course; however, creating an effective eLearning course is a different thing altogether. eLearning is becoming a common area where employers can create their eLearning courses with ease; but using several media does not necessarily improve[…]

Using Whiteboard Animation For Training And eLearning

Using Whiteboard Animation For Training And eLearning

This article was first published by me at elearningindustry.com Most Institutes and organizations are still using the board (white/black) techniques to teach their students/learners. Whiteboard animation is the concept of teaching the learners digitally while maintaining engagement. This mode can be altered with some interactivities and voice-overs. Whiteboard animations can play a huge role in[…]

Choosing The Right eLearning Methods: Factors And Elements

Choosing The Right eLearning Methods: Factors And Elements

This article was first published at elearningindustry.com Many organisations are now transforming their learning and development programs to the eLearning domain. But choosing the right methods for their business based on their needs is still a challenge. Choosing the right eLearning programs depends upon many factors like proper need analysis, target audience analysis, task analysis,[…]

eLearning Insights: “Do You Really Need eLearning?”

eLearning Insights: “Do You Really Need eLearning?”

This article was 1st published at eLearning Industry In today’s IT era many organizations and institutions are using eLearning because it can be as effective as traditional training but at a lower cost. Developing eLearning is more expensive than preparing classroom materials and training the trainers, especially if multimedia or highly interactive methods are used.[…]


9 Steps for creating successful E-Learning Project

This blog is based on my personal 6 year of experience in eLearning domain. Base on my experience and working style I thought that I should share my knowledge and style with all e-learning peoples. This will really help for those who are seeking steps of developing any e-learning project. In e-Learning Industry, I saw[…]


E-Learning on Cloud – Tools and Techniques

This is technology Era where everybody wants to learn the new way of learning. If we talk about Cloud, various companies now moving forward to train their employee about cloud computing. While training, there are many techniques which they can learn from self-placed learning material over cloud. The Cloud way of learning creates collaborative way[…]