Adobe Captivate Training

adobe-captivate-8-logoAdobe Captivate 8 Introduction Course

Adobe Captivate is a powerful development tool for creating interactive eLearning and HTML5 based mLearning content deliverable to almost any device. Rich HD eLearning content can be developed quickly (e.g. product demos, application simulations, soft skills and compliance training) and you can also import PowerPoint slides and enhance them with actors, user interaction and quizzes.

During the course delegates will learn the basic skills required to create powerful eLearning media covering recording demonstrations; adding screen shots, images, captions, rollovers, clickable areas, typing areas, rollovers, zoom areas and Flash animations; integrating multimedia; adding sound; create quizzes that can be integrated into SCORM compliant Learning Management Systems; and publish to web, desktops, HTML5 and/or apps for mobile consumption.


eLearning authors, corporate training professionals/educators and in-house content developers.


Basic knowledge of Adobe Flash is useful but not essential

Adobe Captivate – Basic (Day 1)

  • Captivate Interface
    • Toolbars and Panels
    • Master Slide View
    • Using the Grid, Zoom and Magnify
    • Using the Timeline
    • Slide filmstrip
  • Planning
    • Planning eLearning Projects
    • Responsive Project design
    • Mobile Platte
    • Setting layouts for different device
      screen dimensions
    • Properties for particular Views
    • Applying Themes
  • Slides
    • Add, delete & rearrange
    • Group, Lock & Hide
    • Master slides
    • Slide properties and transitions
    • Slide notes and Closed Captions
  • Objects
    • Add reflection and shadows
    • Align & arrange
    • Change the display and visibility
    • Copy, paste, and duplicate
    • Grouping
    • Object effects and style
    • Resize, reposition and rotate
    • Managing the Library
  • Non-Interactive Objects
    • Text captions and Animations
    • Simple pre-set Animations
    • Smart shapes and Highlight boxes
    • Images and rollover images
    • Mouse indicator
    • Roll-over captions and slidelets
    • Audio settings for non-interactive
    • Zoom areas
    • Mathematical Equations
  • Interactive Objects
    • Text entry boxes
    • Buttons and Click boxes
    • Project navigation
    • HTML 5 Animation
    • Animations
    • Characters
  • Learning Interactions
    • Pyramid, Circle and Time
    • Game-Like Interactions
    • Learner Notes
    • Drag-and-drop
    • Widgets

Adobe Captivate- Intermediate (Day 2)

  • Audio
    • System audio recording and playback
    • View audio details
    • Preview/Edit Audio
    • Background, Slide and Object audio
    • Insert and Edit audio
    • Sync Closed Caption with Audio
    • Audio Management
    • Speech Management
    • Text-to-speech
    • Export audio
  • Video
    • Understanding video usage
    • Video in SWF and HTML5
    • Event video
    • Multi-slide synchronized video
    • Adding Closed Captioning
    • Recording Projects
    • Plan, record, edit and publish
    • Types of recording
    • Set recording preferences
    • Record video demonstrations
    • Record software simulations
    • Pause while recording projects
  • Quiz’s
    • Import questions from GIFT format files
    • Submitting all answers simultaneously
    • Set up question slides
    • Random question slides
    • Quiz preferences
    • Insert question slides
    • Insert pretests
  • Advanced Editing and Review
    • Table of Contents
    • The Skin Editor
    • Resize projects
    • Project preferences
    • Preview projects
    • Effects panel
  • Branching View
    • Spelling and Search options
    • Import, export, and delete content
  • Publishing Projects
    • Set publishing preferences
    • Publishing projects as apps to devices
    • Preview and publish Responsive projects
    • Publish as HTML5 files
    • Publish projects as executable files
    • Publish projects as MP4 files
    • Publish as SWF files
    • Publish To Adobe Connect
  • Using Captivate with Other Applications
    • Importing from Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Importing Photoshop images
    • Integrate with Learning Management
      Systems (LMS)

Adobe Captivate- Advanced (Day 3)

  • Variables
    • System and User variables
    • Defining new variables
    • Binding variables to text captions
    • Adobe Captivate SWF events
  • Advanced Actions
    • Advanced Actions model
    • Create advanced actions
    • Edit statements
    • Edit/delete/duplicate advanced action
    • Manage conditional actions
    • Copy Advanced Actions
    • Finding slides in which the script is used
  • Shared Actions
    • Creating parameterized actions for
      re-use across multiple objects
    • Exporting/Importing shared Actions
      between projects
  • Building Better Templates
    • Populating templates with useful
      default content
    • Setting up Master Slides and Themes
    • Customizing the play-back skin
    • Managing pop-out Table of Contents
    • Creating your own default styles for text,
      buttons, quiz slides etc.
  • Helpful Tips/Resources
    • Need Analysis
    • Audience Analysis
    • Scope/ Learning Objectives
    • Visualize the Course/Storyboard
    • Make your scenario
    • Deveolp
    • Official Blog and resources


*Course Practical Excersises / Assessments are in between the topics are performed