Articulate Storyline Training

storylineboxshotym7clgArticulate Storyline 2 

This 2-Day training course provides you with everything you need to create compelling e-Learning with Articulate Storyline 2. You are guided through the development of a rapid e-Learning course via a highly interactive workshop, allowing you to experience the simplicity, flexibility, and power of Storyline 2.


Professionals using Articulate Storyline 2 for e-Learning content development, including training managers, instructional designers, trainers, product managers, and marketing & communication professionals.


You should have a moderate comfort level with Windows applications. (Articulate Storyline 2 is a Windows-based application that does not require PowerPoint. It also runs within most popular Windows virtual machines on an Apple MacBook.)

Articulate Storyline- Basic (Day 1)

1.     Getting Started

  • What is Storyline
  • Project Planning
  • E-learning in Innovative way
  • Creating a New Project
  • Choosing a Story Size
  • Working with the Articulate Storyline Interface
  • Ribbon Menu
  • Using Story View
  • Using Slide View
  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Setting Articulate Storyline Options

2.     Working with Shapes, Captions, and Text Boxes

  • Adding Shapes
  • Adding Captions
  • Adding Text Boxes
  • Adding Symbols
  • Adding Variable References
  • Formatting Shapes, Captions, and Text Boxes

3.     Working with Text

  • Using the Font Formatting Options
  • Using the Paragraph Formatting Options
  • Finding and Replacing Text
  • Translating Articulate Storyline Content
  • Working with the Clipboard

4.     Formatting, Sizing, and Positioning Objects

  • Applying Quick Styles
  • Using the Format Shape/Format Picture Window
  • Fill Formatting
  • Line Color Formatting
  • Line Style Formatting
  • Shadow Formatting
  • Picture Formatting
  • Text Box Formatting
  • Ordering, Grouping, Sizing, and Positioning Objects
  • Using the Size and Position Window
  • Setting Grid, Guide, and Ruler Preferences

5.     Adding Accessibility

  • Adding Alternate Text for Screen Readers
  • Customizing the Tab Order of Slide Objects

6.     Working with Zoom Regions

  • Adding Zoom Regions
  • Creating a Panning Effect

7.     Working with Slides and Layers

  • Adding New Slides
  • Working with Templates
  • Using Basic Layouts
  • Adjusting Slide Properties
  • Working with Layers

8.     Importing Slides from Other Sources

  • Importing Slides from Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Importing Slides from Articulate Quizmaker
  • Importing Slides from Other Articulate Storyline Projects
  • Importing Articulate Engage Interactions

9.     Working with Pictures, Screenshots, and Characters

  • Adding Pictures
  • Adding Screenshots
  • Adding Characters
  • Editing Characters
  • Formatting Pictures, Screenshots, and Characters

10.  Working with Quiz Slides

  • Adding Form-Based Questions
  • Adding Freeform Questions
  • Drag-and-Drop Questions
  • Pick One Questions
  • Pick Many Questions
  • Text-Entry Questions
  • Hotspot Questions
  • Shortcut-Key Questions
  • Importing Questions

11.  Working with the Question Editor

  • Switching to Form View
  • Switching to Slide View
  • Shuffling Answer Choices
  • Choosing Feedback and Branching Options
  • Using the Feedback Window
  • Working with Feedback Layers
  • Assigning a Score to Graded Questions
  • Choosing the Number of Attempts for Graded Questions
  • Making Ungraded Questions Required or Optional

12.  Using Question Banks

  • Understanding Question Banks
  • Creating and Managing Question Banks
  • Adding and Editing Slides in a Question Bank
  • Drawing Slides from a Question Bank

13.  Working with Result Slides

  • Adding Result Slides
  • Limiting Quiz Attempts
  • Submitting Answers All at Once
  • Confirming That Learners Are Ready to Submit Their Answers

Articulate Storyline- Advance (Day 2)

1.     Adding and Editing Media

  • Adding/Editing Videos
  • Adding Flash Files
  • Adding/ Editing Audio
  • Adding/Editing Web Objects

2.     Adding and Editing Screen Recordings

  • Recording Screencasts
  • Inserting Screen Recordings
  • Editing Screen Recordings
  • Exporting Screen Recordings
  • Deleting Screen Recordings

3.     Adding Interactive Objects

  • Adding Triggers
  • Adding Variables
  • Adding Buttons
  • Adding Button Sets
  • Adding Sliders
  • Adding Hotspots
  • Adding Markers
  • Adding Data-Entry Fields
  • Adding Scrolling Panels
  • Adding Mouse Cursors
  • Adding Hyperlinks
  • Converting an Existing Slide to a Freeform Interaction

4.     Timeline, States, and Notes

  • Working with the Timeline
  • Adding and Editing States
  • Adding Slide Notes

5.     Applying Animations and Slide Transitions

  • Adding Animations
  • Syncing Entrance and Exit Animations
  • Syncing Motion Path Animations
  • Adding Transitions to Slides and Layers
  • How Microsoft PowerPoint Animations and Transitions Are Imported

6.     Customizing Your Course Design

  • Using Themes
  • Working with Theme Colors
  • Working with Theme Fonts
  • Changing the Background Design
  • Using Slide Masters
  • Using Feedback Masters

7.     Customizing the Player

  • Working with the Player
  • Choosing Player Features
  • Customizing the Menu
  • Attaching Resources
  • Adding a Glossary
  • Changing the Player Colors, Font, and Font Size
  • Customizing the Text Labels
  • Changing the Browser Settings and Player Size
  • Changing the Resume Behavior
  • Enabling Right-to-Left Language Support
  • Saving Your Player or Switching to a Different One

8.     Previewing and Publishing a Course

  • Previewing and Publishing a Course
  • Previewing a Course
  • Publishing a Course for Web
  • Publishing a Course for Articulate Online
  • Publishing a Course for LMS
  • Publishing a Course for CD or another Local Source
  • Publishing a Course for Microsoft Word
  • Publishing a Course for Mobile Devices

Design Tips

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