Camtasia Training

camtasiaCamtasia Training Overview

Camtasia Studio 8 training course teaches students how to create eLearning videos and publish them to the web, YouTube,, or burn them to a CD or DVD. Attendees learn how to create engaging and attractive lessons that include videos of actions taken on the computer, animations, audio, quizzes, and surveys.


All attendees should have fundamental PowerPoint skills.


Professionals using Camtasia for e-Learning content development, including training managers, instructional designers, trainers, product managers, and marketing & communication professionals.

Camtasia Training Objectives,  All students will:

  • Explore the Camtasia interface.
  • Record screen actions on your computer using the Camtasia Recorder.
  • Learn the value of rehearsals and how to add annotations and other special effects during the recording process.
  • Create a project from scratch and learn to import recordings into the Studio as media.
  • Enhance the media with callouts and animations and make jumps between video segments appear more professional by using Transitions.
  • Add existing audio and record and edit your own audio.
  • Produce and share your lessons as a standalone video and share the lessons on YouTube.
  • Create Flash/HTML5 output so that your lessons will play on just about any device (including most modern mobile devices).
  • Enhance your eLearning lessons by controlling the appearance of the mouse cursor.
  • Create ‘zoom and pan’ areas that automatically take learners closer to the screen.
  • Add interactivity.
  • Create a quiz.
  • Share the lesson on
  • Create an eLearning course from an existing PowerPoint presentation.
  • Use the MenuMaker to group your lessons into a cohesive course.

Course Contents (2 days)

  • Introduction
  • eLearning and Camtasia
    • Overview of Camtasia’s History
    • How to Plan eLearning Projects
    • The eLearning Development Process
    • The Camtasia Studio Interface
  • Recording Videos
    • Display Resolution and Recording Area
    • Rehearsals
    • Recording Screen Actions
    • Select a Recording Area
    • Record a Video
    • Annotations
    • Recording Effects
  • Videos and Images 
    • Import a Camrec Video
    • Add a Video to the Timeline
    • Import Images
    • Insert a New Track
    • Create a Watermark
    • Add Cursor Effects
  • Callouts, Animations and Transitions
    • Create a Group
    • Add a Text Callout
    • Modify Visual Properties
    • Add a Pointy Circle Callout
    • Add a Sketch Motion Rectangle
    • Add an Animation to a Callout
    • Add Slide Transitions
  • Audio
    • Add Background Music to a Video
    • Fade Audio In and Out
    • Record Voice Narration
    • Split a Music Clip
    • Cut a Segment of Unwanted Audio
  • Produce & Share
    • Producing Basics
    • Produce a Standalone Video
    • Share to YouTube
    • Produce Flash/HTML5 Output
    • Add a Watermark to a Produced Video
  • Zooming, Focus, Markers and Hotspots
    • Hide and Show the Cursor
    • Control Mouse Visibility
    • Use Zoom-n-Pan
    • Apply SmartFocus
    • Add a Marker
    • Add a TOC
    • Add a Hotspot to a Callout
  • Quizzes and
    • Create Quizzes
    • Share to
  • PowerPoint and MenuMaker
    • Use PowerPoint as a Starting Point
    • Record PowerPoint
    • Use MenuMaker to Create a Menu
  • Conclusion