Feedbacks Training

Feedback  from Trainings:

Please find mentioned below my feedback

·Very detailed
·Very structured
·Everything was covered
·However I would have loved the session to be 3 days rather than 2 days
·The trainer was simply outstanding
·Topic was very well explained and very systematic while training
·The trainer was very helpful and was not just answering my questions but shared a lot of helpful tips which I can use while using the platform
·The trainer was well versed with the platform and his knowledge is only going to help me better my experience with the tool

·All Activities were relevant
·Having an activity after each and every topic is a very useful because it improves the learning experience
·All activities were detailed and informative
·A lot of discussion after each activity helped me a lot and the trainer was there to answer all my questions and also give me a logic as to why something needs to be done
Overall I would like to say that the training was outstanding, I had a good time learning the tool and Amit was simply great when it came to delivery and his constant help and support over the past 2 days is something that I am very pleased about.
Considering I am from a training background with more than 9 yrs experience it is very difficult to satisfy my learning needs but in this case it was simply outstanding.

Shanon Shah

Talent Development Manager
Human Resources Department
AXA Insurance (Gulf) B.S.C. (c)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“Amit is flexible as 2 of us in the training are not IT savvy and requested for layman terms. Amit is able to make changes accordingly.


Training Coordinator,

Danone, Singapore

“Amit is very fun & interactive & accommodating”


Training Coordinatoe,

Danone, Singapore

“Amit K Soni have worked on E-Learning development for Chiyoda Japan as well as for L&T Chiyoda very efficiently and is very creative and innovative way of training, which has resulted in to very high appreciation from the end users.”

Jayesh Mistry

Head of Engineering at L&T Arabia at KSA 

“Amit has very good hands-on on writing e-Learning contents as well as presentation in best and user understandable way”

Sunil Gajjar

RTO Software Developer at Sakhalin Energy, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia

“Amit is a good Leader and has very creative mind set. He is extremely positive in his work and ensure quality deliverables. He learnt excellent skills on e-learning content with specialised focus on web designing and UI management.”

Hitesh Dalal

Vice President at Reliance

“Amit is a very creative guy. He puts his best in whatever he does and mostly he is able to generate great and impressive ouputs.”

Sudarshan Rokde
Assistant Manager at L&T-Chiyoda Limited

“Amit is a person who is one of the finest software engineer I have come across. His best part of development is he does great detailed research before working on the project. He has a very systematic and planned way of working. He takes constructive interest in new areas to explore. He also develops his skills on his own. He has expertise in developing e-learning courses.”

Pallav Anjaria

Asst. Manager Human Resources at  Larsen & Toubro Ltd.