Moodle Training


Moodle Learning Management Training:

Moodle is an education software helping teachers and trainers create and deliver effective online learning environments used by millions worldwide. This 1-Day training course provides you with everything you need to create compelling Learning Management System with Moodle. You are guided through the how to setup Moodle, Administration, Setup Learning Academy with addon plugins via a highly interactive workshop, allowing you to experience the simplicity, flexibility, and power of Moodle.


Learning Professionals who want to create learning management system for their organisation including training managers, instructional designers, trainers, product managers, and marketing & communication professionals.


You should have a moderate comfort level with Windows applications. Basic Knowledge of CRM tools and HTML/PHP will be addon.

Moodle Training Objectives:

  • To provide the participants with an understanding of what Moodle is, and what it is capable of doing for Students and Teachers.
  • To impart to the participants the skills to set up and configure their first Moodle Course, and understand the range of capabilities that Moodle provides.
  • To provide a greater understanding of the Moodle features.
  • To provide Site Administrators with the basics of managing and supporting a Moodle Site

Course Contents (1 day)

  • Moodle 101 – A Brief History of Time (with apologies to Stephen Hawking)
  • The Pedagogy of Online and Blended Learning
  • Moodle from a Teacher’s Perspective
    • Resources
    • Activities
    • Grades
  • Moodle from a Student’s Perspective
  • Moodle External Modules
  • Moodle Tools
  • Creating a New Course
  • Managing Course Participants
  • Resources
    • Word Docs
    • PDF
    • Powerpoint
    • Spreadsheets
    • SWF & Flash
    • Videos / Youtube
  • Activities
    • Lesson Module
    • Book Module
    • Quiz Module
    • Assignments
    • Wiki
    • Workshops
    • Questionnaire
    • Survey
    • Choice
    • Grades
    • Crosswords & Games
  • Communicating with Users
    • Forums
    • Messaging
    • Chat
    • Journals & Blogs
  • Groups
  • Graphics & ClipArt
  • SCORM & eXe
  • Advanced Powerpoint – Articulate
  • Online Learning Ideas
  • e-Portfolios
  • Site Setup
    • Appearance & Themes
    • Site Policies
    • Site Systems & Security
  • Reports
  • Maintenance
  • Integration with other Products
    • Student Email
    • Mahara – e-Portfolio
    • Koha – Library
    • Joomla – CMS
    • LAMS
    • Digital Repositories (eg. Harvest Road Hive)