E-Learning Development

There are lots of creativity involved in E-Learning Development. Tools like Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline has great capability to design high-class learning material. Through a strong core featuring creative Instructional Design, I  develop a range of innovative learning designs that help learners internalise the information better.

Amit K Soni Creative Resume
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Learning Management Administrator:

Learning Management System: A learning management system is a software-based platform that provides infrastructure, framework and tools to facilitate online learning or training. The learning management system manages all administrative aspects of the educational process and provides important services to host and deliver the training content. I have the expertise to create Moodle, Cornerstone OnDemand, SCORM Cloud, and eFront.

E-Learning Development Techniques:

  • Gamification: Gamification in learning provides an effective, informal learning environment, and helps learners practice real-life situations and challenges in a safe environment.
  • Whiteboard Animation: Whiteboard animation is a process of visual storytelling where the text and graphics are recorded and animated by a writer or artist. The small demonstration example of this is I have created on my resume on YouTube.
  • Interactive videos: Interactive videos are getting more popular nowadays, Its a plus version of how to videos. This can be a great resource while creating video simulation for the software training. A Video quiz is a great example for interactive video with quiz
  • Decision making – Branching simulations: Branching scenario simulations extensively to move the learning process from mere knowledge acquisition to its application. These simulations support the classic scenario-based approach and are used when we need learners to deep-dive into the multiple related handles a far more complex situation.
  • Story-based learning: This is very simple methodology  which work with The compelling power of storytelling and Scientifically proven principles of Instructional Design which help us to transform technical situation into the form of story which create higher engagement for the learner.
  • Scenario-based learning: As per ATD (Association of Talent Development), Scenario-Based Learning (SBL) is a proven method to build expertise in tasks that are unsafe or infrequent in the workplace or to build critical thinking skills. This is the widely used method for most of the learning solution.
  • Guided exploration: This is the most common approach of e-learning. Here based on basic navigations, with Interactive facilitator creating the learning media digitally.

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