Instructional Design

What is instrIDuctional design?

Instructional design is the systematic process by which instructional materials are designed, developed, and delivered. The terms instructional design, instructional technology, educational technology, curriculum design, and instructional systems design (ISD), are often used interchangeably

I start working with you from the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) phase to craft completely customised programs (formal and informal training) that include eLearning/mLearning/classroom/blended deliveries designed to engage and inspire the learners.

My Instructional Design approach for Project:

I always follow ADDIE Model for most of the  project. Whereas It also depends upon the requirement and timeframe of the project, based on that methodology changes and follow agilest and rapid development like SAM Model. I follow following steps while performing Instructional Designing Principles:

  1. Conduct a needs research and analyze the needs of the targeted group.
  2. Then, determine whether these needs can be fulfilled by learning and how exactly.
  3. Then writes learning objectives and conducts research to see what are the outcomes.
  4. Assess each trainee’s entry skills and knowledge based on ID principles.
  5. Based on all of the above analyses and outcomes, I choose the instructional strategies, training techniques and select the media formats appropriate for the training.
  6. Effective Storyboard the training material and develop
  7. After the course is over,  follow-up participants and make sure the course has been beneficial and sufficient for their future personal and professional growth.