Course Authoring Tools

  1. 3Dsolve 3D4M (3Dsolve Inc.) A software environment for collaborative simulation-based training.
  2. 4system WBTExpress 6.0 (4system Polska Sp. z o. o.) The company is based in Poland and Germany.  WBTExpress 6.0 comes in several versions including WBTExpress PRO and a free downloadable version.
  3. 9SLIDES (9SLIDES Inc.) An online platform for publishing PowerPoint presentations with video and audio.
  4. AcroServices AcroTrain e-Learning System (AcroServices) A PowerPoint conversion tool.
  5. Acteon Seminar Author (Acteon Communication and Learning) Produces SCORM 1.2 modules. Includes assessments and mobile learning.  They also offer Knowledge Centre and Seminar Portal. Based in the UK.
  6. ActiveWorlds (ActiveWorlds, Inc.) An avatar-based virtual world or environment.
  7. D.A.M. ROECycle Studio™(A.D.A.M., a business unit of Ebix) Formerly Taimma.  Also offer other tools and medical training courses.  It is not clear if this tool is available for purchase or if it is just used internally for custom development.
  8. Adobe AIR (Adobe) runtime that lets developers use web technologies to build Internet applications that run outside the browser on multiple operating systems in order to provide performance support to mobile learners, who can be either online or offline.
  9. Adobe Authorware (Adobe) of the original course authoring systems along with ToolBook (SumTotal Systems). In Aug. 2007, Adobe announced that it was discontinuing further development of Authorware but it will continue to sell Authorware 7 and support it.
  10. Adobe Captivate(Adobe) (formerly RoboDemo) – primarily a screen application capture tool but its capabilities have been extended so that it is now a pretty complete authoring tool – perhaps the most popular one. Now with HTML5 capability and Tin Can compliance.
  11. Adobe Contribute (Adobe) website and blog content management.
  12. Adobe Director (Adobe) with Adobe Shockwave Player for development of games and multimedia applications including eLearning.
  13. Adobe Dreamweaver (Adobe) widely used website creation tool (HTML editor) which can be used for course authoring as well, particularly with the CourseBuilder extension.
  14. Adobe Edge (Adobe) A new (2013) set of cloud-based web design tools including Edge Animate CC, Edge Reflow CC, Edge Inspect CC, and others.  Adobe Edge Animate’s open structure and use of the JavaScript programming language gives developers the ability to produce complex learning interactions and games, and the software’s HTML5 output is universally viewable on all modern browsers.
  15. Adobe E-learning Suite (Adobe) suite includes Flash, Captivate, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Acrobat Pro, Presenter, Soundbooth, Bridge CS5 and Device Central CS5.
  16. Adobe Flash (Adobe) Flash player is an almost universal animation/video plug-in. The Flash program itself can be used for course authoring in the hands of a skilled programmer.  It is losing ground as a popular platform because it doesn’t work on Apple mobile devices.
  17. Adobe Flash Builder (Adobe) development environment for building games and applications.
  18. Adobe PhoneGap (Adobe) cross-platform tool for developing mobile apps including elearning. Originated by Nitobi which was purchased by Adobe in 2011.
  19. Adobe Presenter(Adobe) PowerPoint converter designed to work specifically with Acrobat Connect Professional (see Virtual Classrooms).
  20. Adobe RoboHelp (Adobe) building help systems.
  21. Adobe Slate (Adobe) A digital storytelling tool. New in 2015. For iPads only, an app available on iTunes.
  22. Advanced Acoustic Concepts DDLS (Advanced Acoustic Concepts LLC) Oriented to military training. Also offer an LMS.
  23. Akuter CourseLab (Akuter) Authoring included in the Akuter Enterprise LMS. Offices in U.S., Vancouver, BC, and France.
  24. Alchemy SISTEM Creator (Alchemy Systems, LP) A training and compliance management system that includes SISTEM Manager. Also provide courseware and SISTEM Coach for mobile. Focus on the food supply industry.Purchased by the Riverside Company in 2014.
  25. ALEKS(ALEKS Corporation) stands for Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces. It is “a Web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. ALEKS uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn’t know in a course.”  They also offer courses in mathematics and science for K-12 and higher education. Has a partnership with McGraw-Hill Education.
  26. Altova XMLSpy (Altova) A general XML development tool which can be used for authoring eLearning courses.
  27. Amvonet Publish (Amvonet (AVE INTERVISION L.L.C.)) A web-based suite of authoring tools including eLearning management, collaboration, content authoring and a virtual classroom with Moodle integration.  Marketed to both corporations and education.
  28. ANCILE Solutions uPerform (ANCILE Solutions, Inc.) A web-based collaborative authoring and content management platform. Formerly offered by RWD.  On July 8th, 2010, RWD sold its software products division to ANCILE Solutions, Inc.Also offer uPerform Express, and the uLearn LMS.
  29. Anithings (Anithings) A children’s creativity tool.
  30. any-3 Surveys(any-3 Ltd.) Survey creation and tracking tools. Based in the UK.
  31. Appcelerator Titanium (Appcelerator Inc.) A cross platform course authoring tool for mobile applications.
  32. Apple iBooks Author (Apple Inc.) A free publishing tool for the Mac for the creation of interactive textbooks for the iPad including multimedia, search and note-taking. Announced on Jan. 19, 2012.  Initially limited platform (Mac and iPad) but has great potential because Apple has a lot of clout.
  33. Apple iLife (Apple Inc.) iLife is a suite of applications that can be used to create digital content, such as pictures, movies, music, and web pages. Some use it to create eLearning.  It is available only for Mac OSX for now.
  34. Apple iTunes U Course Manager (Apple Inc.) A course creation tool for education.  Requires that an institution have an iTunes U account.  Allows for publishing and sharing courses but doesn’t appear to have reporting functions.  There is an iTunes U App for taking courses on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
  35. Appzio (Appzio) to create custom, fully native mobile applications with responsive web interface, gamification elements and a fully configurable flow. Based in Bulgaria and Finland.
  36. Arlex QuickPresentation (Arlex Software) A web-based PowerPoint converter for mobile devices.
  37. Articulate Storyline (Articulate) A new (2011), more sophisticated (non PowerPoint-based) development tool which will publish to HTML5 and is capable of creating mobile learning applications. Tin Can API enabled.
  38. Articulate Studio (Articulate) Includes Presenter (PowerPoint conversion), Quizmaker (assessments) and Engage (multimedia). Also offer Articulate Storyline (see above), Articulate Online – a mini LMS that provides for publication and tracking of Articulate generated courses andScreenr – a free, web-based screen capture tool.
  39. Assima Training Suite,STT Trainer, and Atlantic Link Content Point, Capture Point, and Knowledge Point (Assima) range of authoring tools. Training Suite is a software simulation development tool using “software cloning”.STT Trainer is used for creating screenshot, simulation-based software training and support material.Atlantic Link tools enablethe creation of Flash based interactive eLearning lessons. KaplanLearning Technologies purchased STT Trainer in 2005 and Atlantic Link in March, 2010.Assima purchased these resources from Kaplan Learning Technologies in 2012.  Based in the UK.
  40. Atlantis Systems Corp. Learninglogics™ Gaming Engine(Atlantis Systems Corp.) A Flash based, 3D world for aircraft technician training. Atlantis is primarily a military contractor based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. They also offer the Learninglogics LMS, LCMS,and an aircraft virtual trainer.
  41. Atomi Systems ActivePresenter (Atomi Systems, Inc.) For screen recording and screencasts with tools to make them interactive, publish and track.
  42. Atrixware Online Quiz Maker(Atrixware, LLC) A test and assessment tool. Also offer Slidepoint by Atrixware creating online presentations.
  43. Audacity Afree open source audio editor.
  44. Aunwesha LearnITy Assessor (Aunwesha Knowledge Technologies Private Limited) A test creation tool, part of a suite of tools including an LMS. Based in India.
  45. authorGEN authorPOINT (authorGEN Technologies) A free tool for capturing presentations and addingpre-recorded audio/video in Microsoft PowerPoint. authorPOINT Lite converts PowerPoint presentations to Flash. Headquartered in India. Also offer WiziQ – a virtual classroom platform with course creation and sharing features. Based in India.
  46. Authoring Instructional Materials (AIM) (U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center, Training Systems Division)
  47. AuthorSTREAM (AuthorSTREAM) A free tool for sharing PowerPoint presentations on the web.
  48. Avancert (Avancert Limited) A tool for creating and managing computer-based assessments, question banks and video interviews.
  49. Avaya AvayaLive Connect(Avaya Inc.) suite of cloud hosted collaboration tools. Includes AvayaLive Engage (formerly web.alive) a web conferencing tool in a virtual 3D environment using avatars.
  50. Avilar WebMentor Author (Avilar Technologies Inc.) Free!
  51. Axonify Questionning Module and Gaming Module (Axonify) Part of the Axonify Personalized Knowledge Map (LMS) that includes modules for interval questioning, training bursts, gaming, rewards, administration and analytics. Based in Waterloo, Ontario.
  52. balesio TurboDemo (balesio/TurboDemo formerly Bernard D&G) and
    Also offer ALLCapture for screen capture and PPTminimizer for PowerPoint conversion. Based in Switzerland.
  53. BankersEdge Artisan(BankersEdge) A course authoring tool (CAT).  Designed originally for regulatory compliance for banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders but has broader application. Also offer Artisan, an LCMS with content development features, and courseware for the banking industry.
  54. Blendspace (Blendspace – part of Wikispaces and TES Global). An online collaborative tool for teachers to build lessons, quiz students and track progress.
  55. Blueberry Software BB FlashBack Express(Blueberry Software) A free screen capture alternative to Camtasia.
  56. Blue Mango ScreenSteps (Blue Mango Learning Systems) Screen capture software for software documentation and creating and delivering tutorials.
  57. Booz Allen Hamilton Rapid Online Content Creation Environment (ROCCE) LCMS (Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.) Developed for government. Also offer AtlasPro LMS and AtlasOffline LMS.Hard to find on website.  See
  58. Bottom-Line Performance Knowledge Guru(Bottom-Line Performance) A game engine with administrative features. Tin Can API enabled.  Also offer BLPLMS and custom development.
  59. Brainshark Presentations (Brainshark Inc.) Converts any kind of document (video, PowerPoint, etc.) to web friendly, SCORM, and mobile formats.  Allows adding voice recordings to each and tests can be created.  Offer numerous other tools including the HTML5 based Mobile Player for iOS (Apple) and Android and the Rapid Learning LMS. Mybrainshark is available free to individuals.
  60. Branchtrack (Branchtrack) Simulation creation tool using video and animation. Based in Latvia. Have partnered with QuickLessons.
  61. Breakthrough Performance Tech Performance Drilling (Breakthrough Performance Tech) A verbal performance simulator and avatar creator for rapid course authoring.
  62. Brightcove Video Cloud(Brightcove Inc.) Also offer AppCloud for building HTML5 mobile solutions. Figleaf Software a primary reseller.
  63. Brindle Waye Design-a-Course Developer (Brindle Waye, Ltd.) An authoring tool included in the Design-a-Course LMS.
  64. C3 Softworks BRAVO! (C3 Softworks) For creation of training games. Also offer Pronto for games and quizzes, C3 Cloud – a cloud platform for running the games, mobile apps for polling and response systems and custom development.
  65. CamStudio ( Open source (free) screen recording software similar to Camtasia and Adobe Captivate.
  66. Can Studios Zembl (Can Studios Ltd.) A web-based, collaborative authoring tool with publishing and some management features. Based in the UK.
  67. CAST UDL Book Builder (CAST) A free tool for creating and publishing digital books.
  68. Central Question Ltd. Question Writer (Central Question Ltd.) A quiz creation program. Based in UK.
  69. CERTPOINTVLS Content Creator(Certpoint Systems) includes Learning Management, Learning Content Management, Content Creation, a web portal and other tools. Formerly called VuePoint.In March, 2013, they announced a merger with Infor
  70. Certspring (Certspring) A tool for creating certification courses and tests by incorporating materials from pdf’s, brochures, videos, etc.
  71. CGS i-Plus Creator (Computer Generated Solutions, Inc.) A rapid eLearning (PowerPoint conversion) tool with content management features – Also provide an LMS.
  72. City & Guilds Kineo Adapt ( A multi-device (HTML5) eLearning authoring framework that is offered as open source.  Based in the UK.  Primarily a custom developer.  They also offer the Totara LMS which is a custom distribution of Moodle for the corporate sector as well as authoring tools like Articulate, Captivate, Atlantic Link (Assima) and Mohive. City & Guilds (a vocational education company) purchased Kineo in late 2012.
  73. Clarity LiMe ( Inc.) “…a complete e-learning infrastructure for creating, managing, tracking, delivering, and assessing enterprise-wide e-learning, whether in the classroom or online.” Based in Calgary, Alberta.
  74. ClickClass™(LightMedia Communications Ltd.) A web-based rapid eLearning (PowerPoint conversion) tool with some basic LMS features. Free to use during the e-learning authoring stage. You pay only when you have more than two active users online.Has add-ons for additional capabilities.
  75. CM Group Luminosity Studio (CM Group Ltd.) A web-based collaborative program capable of HTML5 output for mobile learning. Based in UK.  They also offer Luminosity Lightshow for screen capture simulations,Luminosity Reach – a hosted LMS for delivery and Luminosity Motion – a mobile learning platform.
  76. Coachware Coach/Designer (Coachware, Inc.) Formerly Knowtions, Inc. A system for building Electronic Performance Support.
  77. Cobent CoAuthor (Cobent Group) A web-based collaborative authoring tool. Also offer an LMS and an LCMS.Based in the UK.
  78. CodeBaby Studio (CodeBaby Corp.) Creation of 3D characters (avatars).
  79. Cogentys Flash authoring tool (Cogentys) Part of their LMS. Includes PowerPoint to Flash conversion and quiz and survey creation.They have now partnered with dominKnow Claro for a more comprehensive solution including mobile training.
  80. Comartis e-Testing and e-Survey (Comartis Ltd.) Based in Switzerland.  Tools for creating tests and surveys.  They also offer a Learning Management System.
  81. Composica(Composica) Aweb-based, collaborative social e-learning authoring system including social media like project blogs, comments, RSS feeds, chats, tagging, task management, community dashboards, etc. with associated LCMS capabilities.
  82. net ( Offer a variety of tools for generating quizzes and games.  Based in UK.
  83. CourseAvenue Studio (CourseAvenue Inc.) collaborative authoring solution. They also offer CourseAvenue Deliver (a lightweight platform for managing online training)and CourseAvenue Analyze for reporting.
  84. CourseGenie. A Word to web conversion tool. This product was originally made available by Wimba who changed the name to Wimba Create (see below).  It is still available as a shareware download from various sites such as
  85. CrossKnowledge Mohive (CrossKnowledge, France) A collaborative course design tool. CrossKnowledge also provides the Epistema LMS and CrossKnowledge Academy – online courses for training professionals.Purchased by John Wiley and Sons in 2014.
  86. CU Training MENTOR (CU Training Inc.) Also offer TLC LMS– a course authoring tool and numerous courses for credit unions.Based in Nanaimo, BC.
  87. Daden trainingscapes(Daden Limited) 3D learning environmentscan be built from an existing library of objects, and scenarios and simulations can be created, edited and managed.
  88. Dan Bricklin’s Software Garden (Software Garden, Inc.) Offers several tools including a note-taking app and the wikiCalc web authoring tool for pages that include data that is more than just unformatted prose. Dan Bricklin is the original developer of VisiCalc.  His early Demo program was for MSDOS only. demo-it! is for Windows and may still be available from Lifeboat Publishing at is, however, unclear as to how well it has been tested with current versions of Windows.
  89. Dassault Systèmes 3DVIA (Dassault Systèmes) A variety of 3D simulation tools. Based in France.  Teknomics in India also works with them.
  90. datango performance suite (datango AG, Berlin) Software simulation and on-line help development. It supports the rollout, upgrade and operation of enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM, and SCM systems. It automatically creates documentation, classroom training presentations, e-learning materials, and online help and translates it into more than 40 languages.
  91. Data Pro Grupa GenExis(Data Pro Grupa Ltd.) Provides for a database of learning materials and random exercise generation. Based in Latvia.
  92. DAULsoft LectureMAKER (Daulsoft Co., Ltd.). Also offer TestMAKER and E-Class SYSTEM – a “community-based learning portal”. Based in Korea.
  93. DazzlerMax ( Based in the UK. The website appears to be out of date.  Status unclear.
  94. DELFI LERSUS EasyContent (DELFI Software) Based in Germany but product available in English. Also offer LERSUS MMS which has learning and content management features.
  95. DigitalOfficePro PowerFlashPoint (Digitalofficepro, Inc.) A PowerPoint to Flash converter.  They also offer PowerQuizPoint for creating quizzes.
  96. Digital Workshop Opus Pro (Digital Workshop) Produces interactive applications at all levels including Adobe Flash, SCORM and Moodle elearning materials, simulations, games, and assessments with automatic scoring. Based in the UK.
  97. Digitec Interactive Direct-to-WEB (Digitec, Inc.) Part of the Knowledge Direct Learning Management Systemfor associations and medical applications. IncludesPowerPoint conversion, games, test questions and audio.Creates mobile compatible courses.
  98. Dokeos MIND(Dokeos) Based in Belgium, Dokeos is an open source (based on Drupal) elearning and course management web application translated into 34 languages that includes authoring.  Dokeos MIND is a mind-mapping authoring tool.
  99. dominKnow Claro(dominKnow, Inc.) Anonline/SaaS/cloud-based collaborative authoring tool capable of HTML5 output for mobile learning complete with LCMS capabilities. Tin Can API enabled. They have partnered with Meridian, eMTRAIN, Q2Learning, MaxIT, SumTotal, Aura Software,Cogentys,NetDimensions, OpenText, Rustici ( others to deliver eLearning, collaborative and mobile learning.Also offer Flow – a new (in 2015) authoring platform that outputs responsive and adaptive content that works on all devices and Capture – a software simulation tool.Based in Ontario, Canada.
  100. DuPont™ eLearning Suite (DuPont Sustainable Solutions, formerly Coastal Training Technologies Corp) Primarily a supplier of generic business courseware, the eLearning Suite includes an LMS, an authoring tool, and courseware. They also offer a video streaming tool for mobile devices called CoastalFlix™.
  101. EAD Builder A tool for creating interactive learning. It has a library of resources and publishes to HTML5.  Based in Brazil,
  102. EasyGenerator (EasyGenerator) online authoring tool with a cloud-based LCMS. A free version is available at A new web-based authoring tool was announced in Oct. 2013 using the Experience (Tin Can) API. Formerly part of Sana Software. Based in Netherlands.
  103. EasyProf (ITACA (Interactive Training Advanced Computer Applications)) A web-based tool for creation of interactive multimedia courses and assessments.
  104. echoEleven Podium (echoEleven, LLC.) or Web-based, collaborative rapid authoring with some content management features thatsupports conditional branching structures and multiple publishing modes.
  105. eCom Scotland eNetAuthor (eCom Scotland Ltd.) A web-based, fairly comprehensive “rapid” authoring tool. Also offer an LMS called eNet Learn and an assessment creation tool called eNet Assess.
  106. edCetra edit (edCetra Training) A content authoring and file management platform. Also offer edXact for tracking learner progress.  Tin Can API enabled. Based in Toronto, Canada.
  107. e-doceo elearning content manager(e-doceo) Web-based authoring with Flash output. Based in France, website is available in English and other languages.  They also offerTvLearn for rapid elearning, elearning manager – an LMS and elearning live – a virtual classroom.  The LCMSelearning suite includes all of the tools.
  108. EDpuzzle (EDpuzzle Inc.) A tool for teachers to make videos into lessons. Allows them to crop videos and add voice and quizzes.
  109. eduCanon(eduCanon) converts passive videos to active learning by adding questions.
  110. com Advanced eLearning Builder ( An inexpensive tool for creating tests, tutorials and exercises.
  111. Edu-Performance TACTIC!Editor(Edu-Performance, a division of Parta Dialogue Inc.) Also offer TACTIC! LMS.Based in Quebec, Canada.
  112. Edutech Content Authoring Tool (Edutech) Part of the Learning Ecosystem that includes an LMS, collaboration and a classroom capture and delivery system.  Mainly for education but they also provide services to energy, banking and other sectors.  Based in Dubai.
  113. edXXBlock SDK(edX), edX released the open source code for its underlying architecture supporting EdX course content. XBlocks are a prototype second-generation application programming interface for hierarchically combined EdX courseware components such as video players and learning sequences. The XBlock source code allows course developers to combine independent XBlocks to create engaging online courses such as wiki-based collaborative learning environments and online laboratories, or create integrated education tools such as simulators. edX is one of the original MOOC’s.
  114. Edynco (EDlab d.o.o.) An online tool for creating interactive learning maps that can include quizzes, videos and recordings. Based in Slovenia.
  115. e-Learning Consulting e-Learning Authoring Tool(e-Learning Consulting) A tool for creatingSCORM conformant, rich media courses containing text plus images, Flash animations, audio, video and quizzes. Also offer a low-cost LMS for e-learning, Flash Course Development Toolkit, some SCORM tools, and consulting services.
  116. e-learning WMB Jackdaw(e-learning WMB) The company is primarily a custom developer of e-learning courses. Jackdaw is an authoring tool/content management system supplied with Open Elms open source LMS.
  117. eLearning247 nimbleAuthor(eLearning247 Limited) Part of their cloud based LMS. Free to get started. Based in the UK.  Also offer consulting services. Not to be confused with Craig Weiss’ blog at
  118. ElearningForce WordForce (ElearningForce) A conversion tool for Word.  They also offer PowerPointForce and QuizForce and SharePoint LMS based on Microsoft SharePoint.  These tools are also used by Joomla.
  119. Elucidat (Elucidat) Cloud-based, SCORM and Tin Can conformant, mobile friendly. Based in the UK.
  120. Emantras Object21(Emantras Inc.) Object21 is a learning object production suite that enables authors to create, review, edit, publish and package a learning object through a single web-based application. Cater to the K-12 education market.  They also offer TIE – an e-learning platform, MOBL21 – a mobile platform (, and Mathomatix for interactive applications that teach math concepts.
  121. EnlightKS KStutor (EnlightKS Ltd.) rapid development, includes screen capture. Also offer an LMS called myKS, an LCMS called KSdeveloper,KShelper to push training to IT users,and an assessment platform called ECDL/ICDL solution.  Oriented to business change and IT.  Based in the UK.
  122. ePath Learning Author(ePath Learning Inc.) Part ofePath Learning ASAP – an integrated LMS/LCMS.
  123. Epiance epiPlex500 Enterprise (Epiance Software) based in India. A fairly sophisticated knowledge management system with various versions of document conversion software including epiPlex500 Commercial Developer, epiPlex500 EPSS and epiDOCX.
  124. Epic Learning GoMo Learning (Epic Performance Improvement Limited), A web-based authoring tool. Epicis a technology consulting company that also offers Moodle as an enterprise LMS and Docebo as a smaller system and custom course development.  Have subscribed to the Tin Can API. Based in the UK. Epic has partnered with Redware Limited which offers the Redsource LMS and mobile learning capability.
  125. EssentialSkillz O-LAS Author (EssentialSkillz, UK) A health and safety compliance management system which combines the functionality of O-LAS LMS, a risk assessment system, O-LAS Author, and O-LAS Assess – an online testing tool. They also offer health and safety courses.
  126. Evolve Content Authoring/Management System (CA/MS) (Evolve e-Learning Solutions) A web-based platform for producing and delivering e-Learning included as part of their enterprise LMS platform Evolve Learner Manager. Also offer Classroom Manager for instructor-led course management, Swift Presenter for PowerPoint conversion, and a library of compliance courses.
  127. eXactPackager(eXact Learning Solutions) Part of the eXact Learning Suite. Also offer eXact Learning LCMS and eXact Learning Mobile. Formerly known as Giunti Interactive Labs. Based in Italy.
  128. Exaltive Interactive Video (Exaltive Inc. – part of Harbinger) Make videos interactive by overlaying text, images, and even websites in the video and users can click on the video to bring up slide shows and other elements, build menus, etc.
  129. ExamBuilder(ExamBuilder) An online test creation, delivery and reporting platform. Tin Can API enabled.
  130. Exam Design ExamDeveloper (Exam Design, Inc.) Web-based collaborative tools for developing, maintaining, and analyzing employment-based exams. Also offer ExamAdministrator for delivering exams.  Purchased by Pearson VUE, the assessment services wing of Pearson in 2013.
  131. ExamSoft E.I. (ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc.) Software for exam design, delivery, scoring and administration. Available in several versions.
  132. Excel-soft SARAS QTiItem and QTiAssessment (Excel-soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) Based in India. Authoring tools that are part of the SARAS Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). They also offer the SARAS Assessment Management System, SARAS Learning Management System for the corporate sector, interactive books and m-learning tools.
  133. eXe eXeLearning (CORE Education), open source XHTML editor based in New Zealand. Provides SCORM 1.2 and IMS conformant outputs.
  134. Experience BuilderTM(Experience Builders LLC) A web-based, collaborative authoring tool for building role-playing simulations.
  135. eXplorance Blue/Tests (eXplorance Inc.) A web-based assessment system for creating, delivering and analyzing tests and assessments. Also offer Blue/360, Blue/Appraisals, Blue/Evaluation and Blue/Surveys.
  136. ExpressTrain Transformation Suite (Princeton Center for Education Services, Inc.) works within Microsoft Office to automatically generate and update knowledge products — training solutions, standard operating procedures, performance support materials, verification documentation, etc.
  137. eXstream Solutions OpenLearn Producer (eXstream Solutions) Producer supports the OpenLearn virtual classroom. Also offer OpenLearn Administrator – an LMS.
  138. EZvid(Ezvid Inc.) A free screen recorder, video editor, and slideshow maker for Windows.  An alternative to Camtasia.
  139. FeedHenry Build Node (FeedHenry) A tool for developing mobile apps including eLearning. Have partnered with My Healthy World, Inc. ( to deliver their health for kids and families curriculum on mobile devices.
  140. FlashDemo FlashPoint (FlashDemo, Inc.) – A PowerPoint converter. Also offer FlashDemo Studio for screen capture.
  141. FLVPresenter (FLV Hosting) For creating interactive presentations. Their main business appears to be video streaming and hosting.
  142. Flypaper (Flypaper Studio, Inc.) A Flash conversion and digital signage tool.  Also available as part of Trivantis Lectora Inspire.  Flypaper was purchased by Trivantis in 2011.
  143. Gemini GeMS SWIFT Author (Gemini Performance Solutions) The authoring part of the GeMS SWIFT LMS. Also offer health, safety and real estate management courses. Based in Calgary, Alberta.
  144. Global Vision Technologies OmniTrackPlus (Global Vision Technologies) LMS that includes rapid authoring, testing and survey tools.
  145. GLO Maker (Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)) An open source/free authoring tool. Also GLO Player for Android mobile devices.  Based in the UK.
  146. Go! Animate Video Maker (GoAnimate) A tool for making animated video lessons.
  147. Google Apps for Education (Google) A collection of Google applications specifically for education.
  148. Google Course Builder (Google, Inc.) An open source course authoring platform. Requires some technical knowledge (editing HTML and Javascript).  Includes design tips.  It is described as, “…our experimental first step in the world of online education.” They are collaborating with edX to create a MOOC platform.
  149. Grade Composer Interactive (Grade a division of Avensia Innovation AB) Based in Sweden, the website is in Swedish with a call out to Google for translation.
  150. Half-Baked Software Hot Potatoes (Half-Baked Software Inc./University of Victoria, BC) in Victoria, BC.Freeware (not open source) for tests and assessments. Also offer Quandary (open source) for creating web-based action mazes – a kind of interactive case-study.
  151. H5P (Joubel/NDLA) A community based project based in Norway specifically designed for HTML5 authoring.
  152. HapYak (HapYak) A new (2013) tool for creating interactive video.
  153. Harbinger Elicitus Content Publisher (Harbinger Knowledge Products Pvt. Ltd.) Also offer a scaled-down version called Elicitus Express, Elicitus SlideConverter for PowerPoint conversion,and Raptivity.
  154. Harbinger Raptivity(Harbinger Knowledge Products Pvt. Ltd.) SCORM conformant e-learning with built-in templates and interactions.Produces both Flash and HTML5 outputs.Supports SCORM/AICC and Tin Can tracking. Available in several versions.
  155. HealthStream Team Author (HealthStream) Web-based, collaborative, SCORM authoring tool. Also offer the Learning Center LMS and related tools.  Healthcare specialist.
  156. HT2 Curatr (HT2 Ltd.) A web-based (collaborative) authoring tool. Tin Can API enabled. Described as a social learning platform that allows companies to create a collaborative learning environment. Includes a gamification mechanism.
  157. HTML5, A new standard for structuring web content. It incorporates multimedia features that have been previously dependent on third-party browser plug-ins such as Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight. Often used for mobile app development.
  158. Hughes Presenter for Training (Hughes Network Systems LLC) A rapid authoring PowerPoint to Flash converter formerly Pointecast Presenter. Also offer MediaTraining to track individual user training at any number of remote sites and Learning Portal – an LMS.
  159. Hurix Dictera (Hurix Systems) Also offer Kitaboo eBook portal and custom development services. Based in India.
  160. HyperMethod eAuthor CBT (HyperMethod IBS) both to companies and educational institutions. HyperMethod IBS is a large Russian IT services company which purchased Learnware in March, 2008. They also offer assessment tools, an LCMS called eLearning CMS, a student information system (SIS), and an LMS called eLearning Server.
  161. i-Concept Studywiser (i-Concept InternetWorks BV, Netherlands) free web-based authoring environment. They also offer Portal CMS– a corporate LMS for eLearning.
  162. IDEA e-Learning AnEngineer, UEngineer, dbEngineer, MenuEngineer (IDEA E-Learning Solutions) in Istanbul. Also offer an LMS, an LCMS and a Measurement and Evaluation System.  Website is mostly in Turkish.
  163. imcContent Studio(imc AG) Formerly POWERTRAINER.Based in Germany.
  164. imc LECTURNITY (imc AG) A tool for making screen recordings, recording PowerPoint, creating training videos, presenting products and producing interactive presentations.
  165. Impatica for PowerPoint(Impatica Inc.) A conversion tool (not Flash). Version 5 of Impatica for PowerPoint produces SCORM conformant learning objects in HTML5. Also offer Impatica OnCue. Based inOttawa, Canada.
  166. IncrediTools Flash Demo Builder (IncrediTools) A tool for creating tutorials, quizzes and presentations with screen capture. Also offer several more tools for Flash.
  167. InfoLogix ELCAP e-Learning Content Authoring and Production (InfoLogix, Inc.) Emphasis on the Healthcare industry and on custom course development.  This tool offers the ability to edit Infologix courses and create new ones.  It is buried in the website.
  168. InformaOne Authoring Tool (Informa Systems, Inc) A hosted solution similar to PowerPoint. They also offer an LMS and courses specifically for law enforcement agencies.
  169. InfoPro xIWE (InfoPro Corporation) An XML based course kernel offering a high degree of customizability and compatibility to legacy formats. Also offer an LMS and an LCMS.This may not be a current product.  The same company seems to have a newer website at
  170. InfoPro Learning GnosisConnect Author (InfoPro Corporation) customized LMS. Also offer GnosisConnect Author, Collaborate and Mobile, consulting and custom development services as well as a range of technical and non-technical courses under the TeachMeIt Based in India with worldwide offices.  They have what appears to be an older website at
  171. Ingenious Testcraft (Ingenious Group LLC) A test and assessment tool.  Also offer Ingenious Questionlab.
  172. Inmarkets SkillcastAuthor(Inmarkets International Ltd.) A web-based tool for PowerPoint conversion to Flash and other capabilities. Part of Skillcast Portal, an LMS.
  173. Inmedius Knowledge Bridge(Inmedius, Inc., a Boeing company) Microsoft Word converter. Inmedius purchased KnowledgeXextensions in March, 2011 and was then purchased by Boeing.
  174. Inovae Learning Suite (Inovae) A package of authoring tools including Inovae Publisher Pro for creating eLearning courses, Quick Inovae Packager for SCORM compliance, Inovae Learning Presenter for face-to-face training and Inovae Learning Converter. Based in France.
  175. Instancy Learning On-Demand Platform(Instancy, Inc.) http://www.instancy.comA full suite of tools including LMS, LCMS, authoring, knowledge management, communities, and integration of Web 2.0 tools. Also offer mobile app creation and Tin Can API integration.
  176. Instructo Pro (Blue Sword) Called In situ e-learning, it is a unique app for Apple mobile products that uses barcode information to give workers access to important information about equipment and procedures.
  177. INTEC NAuthor (INTEC Consulting GmbH) Based in Germany.
  178. Treehouse by Interlude (Interlude – an affiliate of J.B.F. Interlude 2009 Ltd.) A self-service HTML5 web app for designing and publishing interactive videos.
  179. Intuition Publisher (Intuition) offer Intuition Advantage – a knowledge management platform, Intuition Rubicon – an LMS, a library of courses, a mobile learning solution, and custom course development.
  180. Intuto Content Authoring Tools (CATS) (Intuto Limited). Includes assessments, a variety of media types and SCORM compliance. Based in New Zealand with an office in Canada.  Also offer a course library.
  181. In2itive Video Delivery Platform (In2itive Business Solutions) Multiple video channels with analytics. Also provide an LMS.  Based in the UK.
  182. iPresent Presio (iPresent Communications, LLC.) A tool for creating rich media web presentations.
  183. ISpring (iSpring Solutions, Inc.) iSpring Solutions, Inc. is an international software vendor with a focus on e-Learning tools and services. iSpring Suite 8, the latest desktop product  includes new features like: Talk master for dialogue simulations, Screen Recording, Audio/Video Editor, Player 50/50, Improved QuizMaker.
  184. ITWORKX Education AuthorKit(ITWORKX Education) authoring tool designed to help teachers create interactive e-learning content. Also offer Connected Learning Gateway (CLG) – a social learning platform with mobile capabilities and TeacherKit – a mobile app for teachers and several other tools for K-12 teachers and students. It is an IT company and SharePoint specialist based in Egypt.Several of the tools are now integrated into Microsoft Office 365.
  185. Jenison Perform(Jenison) An HTML 5 ready, SCORM conformant authoring tool. Also offer CheckPoint LMS and off-the-shelf courseware.  Based in the UK.
  186. JetDraft Document Suite (JetDraft Software) A free tool for converting documents into help and training modules with quizzes.
  187. Jones Verified Advanced Learning Techniques™ (VALT™) (Jones Knowledge Group, Inc.) An assessment tool for both academic and corporate use. Operate Jones International University the first fully online university in the U.S. to receive regional accreditation. Also offer custom elearning design and development.
  188. Just Systems XMetal Author DITA Edition (XMetal, JustSystems, Inc.) Primarily an XML website building tool which has evolved from Hot Metal Pro and may be used for training purposes.
  189. Kahoot! (Kahoot!) A classroom response system that allows teachers to create quizzes, surveys and polls, launch them and get feedback that can be shared.
  190. Kaleidoscope Encompass authoring (Kaleidoscope Learning) Part of the Encompass LCMS specifically for the creation of Character-based Simulations and Watch, Rate, & CompareTM
  191. Kaltura Open Source Video Open source video platform for lecture capture and distribution with editing features.  Integrates with Blackboard, Moodle, Drupal, Microsoft SharePoint and other systems.
  192. Knowledge Anywhere Instructional Content Editor (ICE) (Knowledge Anywhere) A rapid development tool. They also offer consulting services, custom eLearning course development,an LMS called Quest Track and Mobile Quest.
  193. Knowledge Dynamics KD SimStudio, KDCalc and Magnesium(Knowledge Dynamics, Inc.),,  KD SimStudio enables simulation of interpersonal interactions.  KDCalc emulates Excel,Magnesium is a Flash-based authoring tool.
  194. Knowledge Quest Expert Author (Knowledge Quest) A web-based tool for software simulation training.  They also offer Knowledge Quest University with a library of customizable courses.
  195. KnowledgeVision KVStudio(KnowledgeVision Systems Incorporated) tool for synchronizing video, presentation slides, just-in-time footnotes, and navigation. Includes support for SCORM for incorporation into most corporate Learning Management Systems. Works on tablets.  Also offer the online tool knovio for adding video and audio to PowerPoint presentations.
  196. Kookaburra KnowledgePresenter (Kookaburra Studios Pty Ltd) Has evolved from a PowerPoint converter into a full-fledged authoring tool.
  197. KRYTERION Webassessor (KRYTERION, Inc.) Secure online testing.
  198. LAMS (Learning Activity Management System) (LAMS International, Australia) A visual authoring environment for creating sequences of collaborative learning activities.
  199. Landmark Liquid Authoring (Landmark e-learning) An HTML 5 compliant authoring tool with SCORM compatibility and a cloud-based media library.Also offer an LMS and off-the-shelf courseware for hospitality, retail and health care.
  200. LearnBoost (LearnBoost, Inc.) Free web-based software for K-12 teachers and students. Includes a gradebook, visual editor, a tool for managing lesson plans, and a sharing platform.
  201. LearnCast (LearnCast LLC – a subsidiary of of Better Learning Systems LLC (BLS)) A mobile publishing platform with course and test creation and an LMS for distribution and tracking.LearnCast offers an instant mobile app for Apple and Android through strategic resellers.
  202. Learnetic mlninstructor and mAuthor (Learnetic S.A.) is aweb based content creation authoring tool for teachers with the capability to create structured content repositories.mAuthor is a tool for authoring multi-media content for mobile devices. Learnetic is an educational software publisher and e-learning technology provider based in Poland.  They also offer the educational mobile oriented LMS mCourser, mLibro for learning offline, and a library of math, science, and English courses for middle and high school.
  203. net TrellisAuthor ( An authoring system which is part of the TrellisAuthor LCMS.  Also offer TrellisManage – an LMS.
  204. Learning Library Course Builder Engine (Learning Library Inc.) Multiplatform and SCORM conformant authoring. Also offer iLMS Director LMS and a catalog of business and educational courses.Based in Toronto, Canada.
  205. Learning Nexus Course Builder (Learning Nexus Ltd.) A web-based, collaborative authoring tool. Also offer a catalog of courses.
  206. Learning Pool Authoring Tool (Learning Pool) Also offer Adapt Learning – a responsive mobile tool, Encore – a mobile app that sends timed reminders to learners, the Totara LMS, custom development, and customizable courses. Based in the UK.
  207. LearningStation Insight Assessment (LearningStation, Inc.) For the creation and delivery of formative, interim and benchmark assessments for K12 students online, on paper and on mobile devices. Integrated with itslearning.
  208. LearnLive Capture™(LearnLive Technologies: Now part of Thomson Reuters) One part of a family of products called LearnLive Continuum that also includes Compass™ (an LMS), Compliance Tracking™ (compliance manager), and ConnectTM (Webcasting). Geared to training for accounting professionals.
  209. Learnosity (Learnosity Ltd.) Interactive assessment authoring software.Based in Ireland and Australia.
  210. learnPro Rapid Authoring(learnPro) Also offer SCORM/Tin Can conformance, Assessment and an LMS. Based in the UK.
  211. Learnsoft e-ZStudio (Learnsoft Technology Group) web-based, collaborative authoring tool with rapid learning features. They also offer two LMSs – Global Learning Manager (GLM) and MeduRx Healthcare LMS.
  212. LecShare Pro (LecShare, Inc.) A tool that provides for conversion of PowerPoint presentations with audio to QuickTime movies, accessible HTML, MPEG-4 files (Video Podcasts), and/or Microsoft Word documents.
  213. LessonWriter (LessonWriter, Inc.) A free (additional features are available in paid premium versions) website which allows teachers to create lessons, collaborate with other teachers and manage content and student progress. Primarily for teaching literacy skills.
  214. Linden Research Second Life (Linden Research, Inc.) A 3D animated social networking community with great potential for learning.
  215. link-lab hylOs Author (link-lab) Part of the hylOs CMS.  Also offer CeBIT for mobile learning. Based in Germany.
  216. LionSher (Kern Communications Pvt. Ltd.). A cloud based tool for creating and delivering tests. Based in India.
  217. Litespeed Dr. Editor (Litespeed Education) A tool for creating assessments.  Litespeed also offers an LMS, LCMS, a school management system and courseware for primary and secondary students.  Based in Singapore.
  218. Litmos Author(Litmos Limited) Part of the Litmos LMS. Supports the Tin Can API and HTML5.  Acquired by Callidus Software in the second quarter of 2011.  Callidus Software also purchased Rapid Intake and the Rapid Intake authoring tool is now part of Litmos Author.
  219. LodeStar™ (LodeStar Learning Corporation) With easy to use templates.
  220. Lumesse CourseBuilder (Lumess AS) A web-based authoring tool. The latest version of CourseBuilder can create content for mobile learning.  Based in the UK.  Also offer Lumesss Learning Gateway – an SaaS LMS.  Lumesse purchased Edvantage in 2011.
  221. Lumi Mobile (Lumi Technologies Ltd.) Mobile apps for creating surveys, managing meetings, etc. Based in the UK.
  222. MadCap MadPak Suite (MadCap Software, Inc.) Described as a technical communication suite for technical writers and documentation specialists. Includes tools for project management, screen capture, and for creating demos, videos, tutorials and software simulations.
  223. MAF-Learning Technologies DE-Scribe (MAF-Learning Technologies – a division of Mission Aviation Fellowship) A content editor for creating and publishing courses. Includes mobile device delivery (HTML?).
  224. Maqetta (The Dojo Foundation) Open source authoring for HTML5.
  225. Matchware Mediator (MatchWare A/S) A multimedia authoring tool for presentations. Outputs to Flash.  MatchWare also offers MindView for mind mapping and ScreenCorder for screen capture.
  226. MaxITLearnerWeb Ability Design Studio(MaxIT Corp.) A web-based collaborative authoring platform.  They also are a reseller of iSpring andDominKnow Claro.They also offer the LearnerWeb Enterprise LMS and consultation services.
  227. McGraw-Hill LearnSmart™Advantage (The McGraw-Hill Companies). suite of tools including LearnSmart, SmartBook, LearnSmart Prep, LearnSmart Labs, and LearnSmart Achieve. LearnSmart’s game-like interface allows students to compete against their classmates and other students. LearnSmart™ is an adaptive learning system that uses a series of questions to pinpoint knowledge gaps and provides students with an individualized learning path. In Nov. 2012, McGraw Hill Education waspurchased by Apollo Global Management, LLC. (An investment firm not, apparently, associated with the parent company of the University of Phoenix – Apollo Group, Inc.).  McGraw-Hill Education has partnered with Ancile Solutions to provide eLearning software.
  228. Melon Author (Melon, Inc.) rapid content authoring tool based on Microsoft PowerPoint.Based in Bulgaria. Also offer Melon LMS.
  229. Memorize ( A web-based tool for rapid creation and sharing of training materials.
  230. Microsoft Learning Content Development System (LCDS) (Microsoft, Inc.) free(!) tool for general course development. Works with Silverlight and in seven languages.
  231. Microsoft Learning Essentials (Microsoft, Inc.) that work within Microsoft Office including tips and tutorials for managing projects and assignments.
  232. Microsoft Learning Suite (Microsoft, Inc.) Includes more than 20 tools and teacher resources. Another list of free Microsoft tools can be found at
  233. Microsoft Office Mix (Microsoft) For turning PowerPoint presentations into interactive online lessons. Includes audio and video.  Introduced in 2014.  Free and works only with PowerPoint 2013.
  234. Microsoft PowerPoint (Microsoft) Primarily a presentation tool but sophisticated users can use it for generating effective elearning especially using conversion tools many of which are included in this list.
  235. Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint(Microsoft, Inc.) (Search for “Producer for PowerPoint”). A free downloadable plug-in for PowerPoint to capture and synchronize audio, video, slides, and images, then preview and publish for viewing in a Web browser.Apparently only available for PowerPoint 2003. See Office Mix above for newer alternatives.
  236. Microsoft Silverlight (Microsoft, Inc) is a plug-in that Microsoft is promoting as an alternative to Adobe Flash. So far the uptake has been underwhelming.  HTML5 offers more promise.
  237. Mindflash(Mindflash Technologies Inc.) A web-based collaborative authoring tool for e-learning with a portal for delivery. Conversion from PowerPoint, Video, Word or PDF files.Also offer online quiz creation.
  238. MindLeaders Create™ Authoring System (ThirdForce Group plc (MindLeaders)) offer a Talent Development Solution with an LMS and many courses. They merged with Thirdforce in 2007.  Skillsoft purchased Mindleaders in Sept. 2012 so the future of this tool is uncertain.
  239. MindonSite MOS SOLO (Mindonsite – Integral Coaching SA) A free authoring tool. Based in Switzerland but site is available in English.  They also offer the MOS Chorus LMS.
  240. MindTickle (MindTickle Inc.) A platform that is both an authoring tool that emphasizes social and game learning for engagement and a basic LMS with analytics that is mobile friendly. Headquartered in the United States, development/operations team in India.
  241. Mintra Publisher (Mintra Trainingportal AS) Also offer Mintra Trainingportal – an LMS developed for the oil and gas industryand consultation and custom development. Based in Norway. Acquired by Riverside/Grace Hill in 2014.
  242. MobilePaks (MobilePaks) Tools primarily developed for sales training but could have many other applications.
  243. Modest3D (Modest Tree Media Inc.) A standalone and cloud-based authoring platform to create 3D interactive applications.Based in Nova Scotia.
  244. Momindum Studio (Momindum) They also offer RichCorder for recording presentations and K-base for sharing content.
  245. Moovly (Moovly) A cloud-based digital media and content creation platform especially for animated videos.
  246. MorrisCookeExplain Everything™(MorrisCooke Interactive) An interactive whiteboard and screencasting tool. Also offer apps like Final Argument –  a mind-mapped, non-linear slide layout presentation tool and Stick Around for making puzzles .Based in Poland and partners with Constructivist Toolkit LLC in New York
  247. MyKnowledgeMap Myprogress (MyKnowledgeMap Ltd.) Formerly ReallyManaging assessment.  A tool for creating, managing and deploying tests, quizzes, questionnaires and learning materials on the web, on mobile devices and offline.Also offer Myshowcase – an online service where individuals can store, organise and showcase their lifetime’s experience. Based in the UK.
  248. mySmartSimulations Worldwide Interactive Learning Designer (WILD) (mySmart Simulations, Inc.) A software development kit (SDK) of authoring tools with some capability for creating 3D simulations and mobile learning output.
  249. Mzinga Publisher and Firefly Simulation Developer (Mzinga) Web-based collaborative authoring tools. Part of Mzinga OmniSocial Content.Also offer Mzinga OmniSocial Learning, OmniSocial Engaged, OmniSocial Insure, and custom development.In Nov. 2007 Knowledge Planet merged with Shared Insights and became
  250. National Training SystemsFlexAuthoring E-Learning Authoring Tool (National Training Systems) Web-based and template-based authoring. Also offer an LMS.
  251. Netex Learning Coffee Maker (Netex Knowledge Factory S.L.) Has HTML5 output.  They also offer a mobile app, Learning Coffee – a collection of off-the-shelf business courses, a corporate and an education LMS, custom course development and other tools.  Have integrated a Tin Can conformant Learning Record Store.Have announced an authoring tool, Learning Coffee Maker, with HTML5 output and a mobile app. Based in Spain.
  252. NetPlay Instant Demo (NetPlay Software) A screen recorder.
  253. NexLearn SimWriter (NexLearn, LLC) Social simulation creator. Also offer NexLearn CareerMap LMS and custom development of simulations.
  254. NGRAIN Production Suite (NGRAIN (Canada) Corporation) Sophisticated simulations, 3D graphics and animation for training.  Includes Producer Pro, Virtual Task Trainer and Virtual Task Refresher. Producer, the personal learning edition, is available free of charge.  Strong defence emphasis. Based in Vancouver.
  255. Nimble Orbit (Nimble Orbit) Not a full LMS but digital file management software with video streaming and file sharing that integrates with popular LMSs.
  256. NYCircuits Screenbook Maker (NYCircuits Inc) A tool for creating visual tutorials for computer training. They also offer the Joomla CMS.  The site was unavailable on March 18, 2013.
  257. Oculus Rift (Oculus VR, LLC.) A virtual reality headset that may make VR palatable. Developed mostly for gaming but also has great potential for learning.  Development kits are available.
  258. Oddcast (Oddcast Inc.) Static and animated characters and other tools that can be added to eLearning.
  259. Ooyala Everywhere (Ooyala, Inc.) A platform for personalized video streaming especially for mobile devices. Includes production, management, analytics, and monetization.  Marketed to broadcasters and large content providers.  Also offer Ooyala Social and Global Video Index.
  260. OnlineFormapro Auteur (Onlineformapro S.A.) Also offer Online Manager LMS, Online Agora – a web-based collaborative portal platform, and Online Visio for web conferencing. Marketed to small to medium companies, universities and other institutions. Based in France.
  261. OnPoint Course Manager(OnPoint Digital Inc.) Part of the OnPoint Learning & Performance Suite which is a complete LMS/LCMS with mobile capabilities.
  262. Ontuitive LearningGuide Manager (Ontuitive, formerly LearningGuide Solutions BV) Performance support software with authoring, management and delivery capability. Includes Ready Technology for embedding directly into applications.
  263. Open Elms Jackdaw CMS, A free authoring tool for the Open Elms open source LMS.
  264. OpenOffice(open source, Apache Software Foundation) Not generally considered an e-learning tool, it is an open source office suite which converts PowerPoint to Flash and MS Word documents to pdf.  And it’s free!org was founded 10 years ago with Sun Microsystems as a principal sponsor with the goal of creating a free and open source office suite.  With its acquisition of Sun in 2009, Oracle gained assets.  For the time being, Oracle is still offering OpenOffice.  The community of volunteers that developed the project have split from Oracle and formed a new structure called The Document Foundation. The new product offered by the Document Foundation is called LibreOffice ( April 15, 2011, Oracle announced “its intention to move to a purely community-based open source project”.  It is now part of the Apache Software Foundation.
  265. Openworld Presenter (Openworld Learning, LLC) Offered in both a Flash edition and a RealMedia edition.
  266. Oppia A free, open source tool that enables users to create educational activities (called ‘explorations’) that simulate one-on-one tutors.
  267. OPTX ScreenWatch Producer (OPTX International) Software for recording lectures.
  268. Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) and Tutor (Oracle, Inc.) In 2008, Oracle purchased Global Knowledge Software and these tools. It is performance support software for helping users learn and navigate new systems.
  269. OutStart Desktop Development Suite (Trainer and SoftSim) (IBM) Outstart was purchased by Kenexa in 2012 and then IBM purchased Kenexa.  These products still appear to be available.  Trainer is a venerable all-purpose desktop authoring tool and SoftSim is for software simulations.  Kenexa offers an LMS and an LCMS.
  270. Pacific Multimedia Metamorphosis (Pacific Multimedia Pty Ltd.) Formerly APIXEL Metamorphosis. Converts Microsoft Word training documents into eLearning.Also offer FastTrack – a tool for creating PowerPoint presentations from Word documents and APIXEL Comet – a basic LMS for distributing materials created using Metamorphosis. Based in Australia.
  271. Panopto Focus (Panopto, Inc) http://www.panopto.comPanopto is an all-in-one video platform for presentation recording, live webcasting, social learning and video content management. Panopto Focus is a tool for recording and webcasting video presentations. Panopto Unison is web-based software that makes it easy to build a centralized, searchable repository of videos.Also offer Panopto Mobile for mobile device delivery.
  272. Panviva SupportPoint (Panviva Pty. Ltd.) “Business process guidance” or performance support software that helps users navigate through procedures and processes. Based in Australia with international offices.
  273. PCS LabMentorsLab Management System(PCS Edventures!.com Inc.) mentor guided on-line labs for web-based information technology training and certification.
  274. Percepsys SNAP! STUDIO (Percepsys Inc.) http://www.percepsys.comBased in Toronto. An authoring tool with a database back-up.  Also offer SIMSTUDIO for simulations.  As of March 22, 2013, website seems compromised.
  275. Planet2Learn MEMX2(Planet 2 Learn) Situation-based lesson points are created in the form of 2 to 3 minute video clips known as MEMX2. These MEMX2’s are then uploaded into a rule-based software program. These modules are organized into units. Provides for interactive video with gaming and adaptive learning elements.
  276. Platte Canyon Training Studio (Platte Canyon Multimedia Software Corporation), and Also Exam Engine – a test and assessment tool, VBTrain.Net and ToolBook Translation System for users of SumTotal ToolBook.
  277. Plotagon(Plotagon) A tool for making animated videos from written scripts.  Based in Sweden.
  278. podiaCreator and On-Demand (podia Ltd.) Based in UK.  podia provides webcasting services and offers Creator and On-Demand aspresentation tools for webinars using video,audio, animated and synchronized slides. Integrated tests, quizzes, surveys and feedback forms may be included and an audit trail can be produced. Podia is a sister company toPromethean.
  279. Polycom RealPresence Capture Station (Polycom, Inc.) A tool for streaming and recording lectures and presentations. Formerly Accordent Capture Station.  Polycom purchased Accordent in 2011.
  280. Powersim Studio (Powersim Software AS) Software for building and managing simulations available in several versions. Powersim Studio 9 Express is available free for six months.
  281. PowToon (PowToon Limited) A tool for creating animated presentations and “explainer” videos. Based in the UK.
  282. Presagis Creator (Presagis Canada Inc.) software for the generation and execution of 3D complex, large-scale training and analysis scenarios with a military orientation. Based in Montreal.
  283. PresentationPro PowerCONVERTER and OnlinePRESENTER (PresentationPro Inc.) PowerPoint plug-ins.
  284. Princeton ExpressTrain Transformation Suite (ExpressTrain-TS). (Princeton Center for Education Services, Inc.) or A SCORM conformant tool for creating workflows, processes, or training using standard operating procedure, MS Word and PowerPoint templates and generating various output formats.
  285. Pro-ductivity Systems Authoring Editor and Authoring PRO(Pro-ductivity Systems, LLC.) Authoring with instructional design templates. Also offer an LMS/LCMS, custom course development and consultation.
  286. PROfiler(PROfiler) skills assessment or Training Needs Analysis (TNA). Measures core individual, group or organisational talent and skills gaps.  Based in the UK.
  287. ProProfs Training Maker, Quiz Maker and Survey Maker ( Maker is a web-based document conversion tool. Also offer an LMS. Marketed primarily for business but can also be used in education.Their site includes ProProfs LMS Resources – general information about LMSs.
  288. Proton Media ProtoSphere (ProtonMedia, LLC) – 3D Simulation environment.
  289. Qarbon ViewletBuilder( Inc.) Also offer ViewletQuiz – a test and assessment tool, ViewletCam – a screen recorder for software simulations, ViewletPoll and
  290. Qedoc Quiz Maker (Image Intelligence Software Ltd.) free authoring tool that will allow you to do more than make quizzes. Also offer Quiz Player for playing materials created in Quiz Maker.and a learning content library.  Works with Facebook.
  291. Q-MultiMedia Q-ViewCreator (Q-MultiMedia) A PowerPoint convertor.
  292. Qube QLibris (Qube Learning) A web-based authoring platform that is part of the Qube Learning System that includes QLibrary, QGames, QBooks, AQumulator, The Challenge Arena, and The Learner Analytics Dashboard.
  293. Questionmark Perception(Questionmark) State of the art assessment software. Also offer Questionmark OnDemand for collaborative test creation and now have an iPhone/iPad app. They have integrated the Tin Can API into their solutions.
  294. Question Tools (Question Tools) A supplier of web-based generic automated assessment systems. Includes the Instant Exams service and tools for editing tests. Based in the UK.
  295. Question Writer HTML5 (Question Writer Corp.) A quiz creation tool for mobile devices with eight question types and 20 templates. The previous version offered Flash quizzes.
  296. Quia Web (IXL Learning) For creating educational games, quizzes, class Web pages, surveys, and more.Includes access to many activities and quizzes created by educators. Also offer Quia Books with access to online workbooks and textbooks from publishers and Quia IXL for math and language arts practice with questions on thousands of topics.
  297. QuickLessons (QuickLessons, LLC) An online collaborative course authoring system with Content Management features.Have partnered with the simulation tool BranchTrack. Also offer Izzui – a free hybrid social learning application for sharing online content and presentations. Izzui uses Facebook as an LMS to track and deliver courses.
  298. Rapt Media (Rapt Media (formerly FlixMaster)) HTML5 video that learners can click on to make choices, even on mobile.
  299. Raytheon Professional Services ConvertixTM(Raytheon Professional Services (RPS)) An authoring tool for converting instructor-led training to web-based training. They also offer a virtual classroom and consultation services.
  300. ReadyGo Web Course Builder (WCB) (ReadyGo Inc.) Offered in various versions.  Supports HTML5.  Also offer an LMS.
  301. RELOAD (Reusable eLearning Object Authoring and Delivery) (Reload) A free Eclipse-based (open source) tool for SCORM editing developed by an academic consortium in the UK.
  302. Resource Engineering Power Book Builder (Resource Engineering) A tool for developing PowerPoint storyboards and turning them into ToolBook courses.  Other tools and the Esprit LMSare offered.
  303. Respondus (Respondus Inc.) and assessment creation and management. Also offer the web-based Respondus StudyMate. Focus on formal education.
  304. Rethink Training (A Studio98 Product). An online authoring tool with some learning management features and a feature called Pro Training for selling training directly to the public..
  305. Right Reason RightPath Assessments(Right Reason Technologies) Assessments primarily for K-8. Also offer RightPath eLearning – a virtual learning environment for blended learning. RightTrack LMSRightPath Student Success System, on-line lessons and courseware, and custom development.  Marketed to both education(RightPath) and the corporate sector (RightTrack).  The authoring tool RightCourse is no longer available.
  306. Right Seat Vox Proxy (Right Seat Software Inc.) Creates 3D animated characters for PowerPoint.
  307. RM Education Fuse Creator(RM Education) A tool for children and teachers to create interactive content. They also provide other tools includingPodiumpodcasting application; Textease, a collection of nine fully integrated ICT tools and cloud based school management systems.
  308. Robot-Hosting Intelligent Robots(Robot-Hosting) Robots/androids/avatars with artificial intelligence.
  309. Root-1 OpenMinds (Root-1, Inc.) Language arts learning for elementary students. Includes both content which can be customized and creation of own content.  Uses adaptive learning.  Also offer vocabulary games StoryLines, Word Kung Fu, Word Joust, and X-words.  Purchased by Edmodo in March, 2013.
  310. Ruzuku (Ruzuku) An online course design tool for smaller entrepreneurs to build, upload and sell courses.  Includes some LMS features.
  311. Saba Publisher (Saba) – Part of the Saba Learning @Work suite. Similar to Trivantis Lectora Publisher.
  312. Salsa (Utah State University) An open source web application authoring tool being developed to deliver learner-centric, measurable, mobile accessible learning.
  313. Scate Ignite (Scate Technologies, Inc.) Aweb-basedmulti-media presentation tool for creating eLearning, training workforce, selling and marketing, or creating social media for blogging, vlogging and media sharing. Also offer the website igniteCAST for sharing.
  314. Scenari-Platform Opale A free authoring tool from France that publishes SCORM conformant content in HTML. Website is in French but software is available in English.
  315. Scirra Construct2 (Scirra Ltd.) Game creation tool for many different platforms including mobile. Based in the UK.
  316. ScreenCast-o-Matic(Screencast-O-Matic) A free screen capture recording tool. An alternative to Camtasia.  There is a Pro version available at modest cost.
  317. Screenr (Articulate Global, Inc.) A free, web-based screen capture tool from Articulate.
  318. Sh!ft (Aura Interactiva) A web-based, full-featured authoring tool developed by the company for internal use and now available on the market.  Based in Costa Rica.
  319. Skilitics InterAct (Skilitix LLC.) known as Roleplay. An SaaS based tool for designing scenario-based learning and simulations.  Includes analytics.  Integrated with the Tin Can API. Based in New Zealand.
  320. SkillSoft SkillStudio (SkillSoft) customizing SkillSoft courses. They also offer the Customer Content Publishing Solutions for customers to develop their own custom training. Skillsoft is the world’s largest provider of generic online courses.
  321. Smart Sparrow Annotate and Labmaker (Smart Sparrow) Tools designed to work with theirAdaptive eLearning PlatformTM.  Annotate incorporates medical images into learning programs; Labmaker is used for developing smart online lab experiences.Based in Australia.
  322. SoftChalk (SoftChalk) Aneducation-oriented desktop authoring tool.  Also offer SoftChalk Cloud (a web-based authoring tool and learning object repository).
  323. Sonhoz (Sonhoz) Online test creation and delivery for both education and business. Website appears out of date. Status unclear.
  324. Speechi Pro (Speechi US) PowerPoint converter in several versions including mobile with additional features like audio, quiz and SCORM modules and whiteboard support.
  325. Storyworks OnDemand Generator (Storyworks OnDemand) Formerly iQpakk. Described as an enterprise content &application management system for a mobile sales force.Combines four components – Manager, Generator, Presenter and Learner.
  326. Stratbeans Epiplex (Stratbeans Consulting) Conversion of Microsoft documents for documentation and technical writing. They also offer consultation services, an LMS and third party authoring tools Raptivity and Elicitus.Based in India.
  327. Suddenly Smart SmartBuilderAuthor (Suddenly Smart) A full-featured, web-based authoring tool. Free for the “Community” version. Has an HTML5 converter.Their website offers some useful comparisons.
  328. SumTotal ToolBook Instructor (SumTotal Systems, LLC) Also ToolBook Assistant. Recently (2013) revised their website and information about ToolBook is hard to find. There are a number of additional tools for developing ToolBook courses at ToolBook is one of the original desktop authoring tools dating back about 20 years and is now in version11.5. There are also content development tools in their LCMS – TotalLCMS.  In June, 2009, SumTotal Systems was acquired by Vista Equity Partners/Amber Holding.  Purchased Softscape in 2010.  On January 5, 2011, they purchased GeoLearning.  In July 2011, they purchased CyberShift Inc. and Accero Inc. signifying a further expansion into Talent/Human Resources Management. In Nov. 2014, Skillsoft completed its purchase of SumTotal.  The future of Toolbook is uncertain.
  329. SWiSH Max4(com Ltd) A PowerPoint to Flash converter with Flash editing tools. Also offer SWiSH Video 3 for conversion of video to Flash and other tools.
  330. Syberworks Web Author (Syberworks)
  331. Synaptic Global Learning iDesigner, iQuizBuilder, and iMAE (Synaptic Global Learning (SGL)) Part of the ALMS (Adaptive Learning Management System) and the mobile AMOL. Also offer the learning repository iKAM and analytical tools.Used for the University of Massachusetts MOOC.
  332. Tanida Quiz Builder (Tanida Inc.) Creates quizzes in Flash.
  333. TCExam A free, open-source computer-based assessment system.
  334. Tech4Learning Share (Tech4Learning, Inc.) A tool for students to use to create interactive presentations with media integration.  They also offer K12Share – a website for students to share their presentations, Frames for creating animated movies, ImageBlender – photo editing software, Pixie for elementary students to create presentations, and Wixie for teachers to use to help students create projects in the cloud.
  335. TechSmith Camtasia Studio(TechSmith Corporation) a screen recorder and simulation tool.  Also handles PowerPoint, video and audio and can be used for lecture capture.  Works with a “Smart Player” for Flash and HTML5 output.  They also offer Snagit for static screen capture, Jing – a free web-based screen capture tool, and Screencast for presentation sharing.  Camtasia and Snagit are also available as part ofLectora
  336. TEDS Learning Composer (TEDS Inc.) Also SimCorder (a simulation tool). TEDS began as an LMS and has grown to offer a full Talent Management suite.
  337. TelSim NOAH (Telsim Software, Inc.) An animated character/avatar.
  338. TFactor Knowledge Portal 360 Course Builder (TFactor, Inc.) This tool is part of the LMS/LCMS. They also offer PPT to Flash Studio and Flash Demo Builder.
  339. The Document Foundation LibreOffice (The Document Foundation) An open source office suite very much like OpenOffice. Includes Writer (word processing), Calc (spreadsheet), Impress (presentation), Draw (drawing), Base (database), and Math (equation editor).  Can open Microsoft Office documents.  Presentations can be exported as Flash and other documents can be saved as pdfs.
  340. The KnowHow Hub OneClickBuild and ShowHow (The KnowHow Hub) OneClickBuild is a content creation tool which allows clients to create their own SCORM elearning content from Word documents without any special templates or training. ShowHow isa screen capture tool for building interactive transaction simulations. They are included with The KnowHow Hub LMS. Formerly BRIDGE People and Technology. Based in South Africa.  Also offer custom elearning design.
  341. The Quality Group OpusWorksComposer (The Quality Group) Acloud-based collaborative authoring system within the OpusWorks Conductor “lean” LMS.. They also offer an extensive library of courses on quality management (Six Sigma, Project management, etc.)
  342. The Regis Company SimGate™ Tool (The Regis Company) A tool for simulation development.  They also offer custom simulations.
  343. The Training Market Virtual Coach Developer (The Training Market) Based in New Zealand.  Also offer Virtual Coach Player and Training Assistant – a lean LMS.
  344. Think…Architect (Think Associates) An online enterprise-level Learning Object Management toolkit that integrates content development and authoring activities across an organisation. Optionally includes Think…Builder – a desktop application that permits rapid authoring from Microsoft Office – and Think…Libarian a web solution that turns SharePoint into an enterprise Learning Content Management System (LCMS).
  345. Thinking Cap Studio(Thinking Cap) A collaborative (web-based) authoring tool that creates SCORM compliant courseware that can be can be delivered to web, print or to mobile devices without reauthoring. Formerly known as Also offer Thinking Cap LMS. Based in Toronto.
  346. Thinking Worlds (Caspian Learning) A 3D engine and authoring environment which enables designers to create and publish highly immersive simulations like Second Life.
  347. time4you IBT Authoring(time4you GmbH ) A web-based tool. Also offer IBT Content Conversion and IBT Web Content Management.
  348. Time To Know Content Generation Studio (Time To Know, Inc.) An authoring tool for use with their Digital Learning Platform.
  349. TrainCaster ( The LMS includesseveral authoring tools includingPowerPoint and MS Word conversion and assessment.
  350. Trainingbricks Bricklayer (Training Bricks Ltd.) A full-featured desktop authoring tool from the UK.  Includes assessment tools and some built-in tracking capability.
  351. Training JumpStart Exam Gorilla™ module (Training JumpStart) For test and survey creation. Also offer the web-based Training JumpStart Portal LMS.
  352. Travitor Course Publisher and Swift Presenter (Travitor Media) Swift Presenter is a PowerPoint conversion tool. Also offer Centrix LMS (Course Publisher is part of the LMS) and more than 3000 business and technical courses.
  353. Trivantis Lectora Publisher (Trivantis) publish to HTML5 for mobile learning.Supports the Tin Can API in version 11.They also offer Lectora Inspire which includes TechSmith Camtasia and SnagIt and Flypaper(Flypaper was purchased by Trivantis in 2011), Lectora Online for web-based collaborative authoring and CourseMill – an LMS for online courses. Announced in May 2011, Snap! – a PowerPoint converter/rapid authoring tool is also offered. Announced in January, 2012:CourseMill Talent Management designed to identify gaps in staff development and address those gaps.
  354. Trivantis Snap! By Lectora (Trivantis) PowerPoint converter with YouTube and video narration capabilities. Snap! Empower enables the creation of Flash animations.
  355. TrunityAuthoring for Learning Environments (Trunity) Provides for collaborative creation, crowdsourcing, editing and publishing of virtual textbooks. Includes social/collaborative learning.  Also offer an LMS and a “Knowledge Exchange” for croudsourced content and virtual textbooks. Marketed to enterprises and publishers as well as education.
  356. TutorPro Live Content Studio and TutorAuthor NG(TutorPro Ltd.) They also offer an LMS, Performance Support Suite, mobile learning tools, assessments and a course library. Based in the UK.
  357. Tuval Speech-Over (Tuval Software Industries Ltd.) Adds voice-over narration to PowerPoint presentations.
  358. UBC MLOAT (University of British Columbia Multimedia Learning Object Authoring Tool) (University of British Columbia Arts) A free tool that can combine video, audio, images and texts into one synchronized learning object.  Offered along with several other tools.
  359. Ucompass Octane (, Inc) Octane enables content creators to enhance existing content by adding new tools and functionality. Also offer an LMS called Educate.
  360. Udutu Online Course Authoring(Udutu) Web-based collaborative authoring available free with Udutu LMS.Based in Victoria, BC.
  361. Vantage Path SmartBuilder (Vantage Path) A web-based tool that includes PowerPoint conversion, branching scenarios and assessments.They also offer test making software, an LMS and custom e-learning development.Based in Calgary, AB.
  362. VastPark (VastPark Pty Ltd.) A virtual environment/world using avatars.
  363. Vcom3D Vcommunicator Studio (Vcom3D Inc.) Animated characters to help students learn word meanings. A suite that includes Gesture Builder and Vcommunicator Mobile.  They also offer Sign Smith, SigningAvatar, Illustrated Dictionary for learning American Sign Language and ASL Animations.
  364. VenueGen (VenueGen) A virtual environment/world using avatars. Called a virtual classroom for K12.
  365. Venza Sherpa™(Venza Group, Inc.) A rapid course development tool.  Also offer Venza Learning Management System and courses for the hospitality and health industries.
  366. Versal (Versal Group, Inc.) course creator is a web-based collaborative publishing platform that allows you to create interactive courses by adding text, videos, images, quizzes and “interactive learning gadgets.” Free for the education market. Includes a Chrome app and LTI integration.  Introduced in 2013 and still in beta as of Oct. 2014. There is also Versal Foundation that is a granting agency to support the development of free eLearning courses.
  367. VIDIZMO (VIDIZMO LLC) VIDIZMO offers a video portal and streaming media solutions that can be used for communications, sales, etc. in addition to learning.  They include authoring, a webinar platform, lecture capture, and a marketplace for education and integration with Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Lync, Cisco Webex, Citrix GoToMeeting and various LMSs.
  368. Viidea A platform for publishing videos with tools for synchronizing PowerPoint presentations and management. Hard to categorize.
  369. Vitalect Techniq Portfolio (Vitalect Inc.) Also offer Techniq Online University LMS and Techniq Evaluation.
  370. Vidzor (Vidzor Limited) a self-serve authoring suite for making interactive HTML5 video without using a line of code. Based in the UK.
  371. Warren-Forthought MocKingbird BigEZ-Pro (Warren-Forthought, Inc) Also offer TERMS.NGT – an LMS.
  372. WBT TopClass Publisher (WBT Systems) A module of the TopClass LMS.
  373. Web CourseWorks CourseCreate System (Web CourseWorks) and An LMS/LCMS built for non-profits and the public sector.  Includes collaborative authoring and a learning object repository.
  374. Webducate Dragster (Webducate, UK) A rapid authoring tool to create drag and drop activities using multimedia. Works with Articulate and Wimba. Also offer Accessible Multimedia Player (AMP) and Pollster.
  375. Webinaria ( A free screen capture alternative to Camtasia.
  376. WebSoft CourseLab (WebSoft Ltd.) A free SCORM authoring tool with a WYSIWYG interface. Based in Russia.  Introduced for the international market in 2007.  Some add-ons such as PowerPoint Import cost extra.
  377. Westcliff Myles (Westcliff Data Services Ltd.) Also offer SCORMxt – a conversion tool for QuarkXPress
  378. Wildform Flair (Wildform, Inc.) A general authoring tool that allows users to create Flash and video presentations, convert PowerPoint to Flash, create quizzes, etc.  Also offer Flix for Flash video and Wild FX for Flash text animation.
  379. Wink (Visual Gear Ltd.) and A free tool (in beta as of Feb. 2015) for creating and sharing step-by-step tutorials for PC or mobile apps. Based in the UK.
  380. WizIQ (WizIQ, a division of authorGEN Technologies) A platform that includes a virtual classroom and the ability to create and deliver courses with assessment tools and content sharing. Integrates with LMSs. Includes a wide range of courses for fees.Based in India with offices in the US and Europe.authorGenis the parent company of WizIQ.
  381. Wondershare Rapid E-Learning Suite(Wondershare Software Co., Ltd.) and Includes PPT2 Flash for PowerPoint conversion, QuizCreator, DemoCreator and WebVideo Author.  Also offer numerous other tools including Wondershare Video Editor.
  382. woople(Woople, LLC) A web-based, video-oriented authoring tool with LCMS capability.
  383. WorldWeaver DX Studio (Worldweaver Ltd.) 3D animation.
  384. WP Courseware (Fly Plugins) A plugin for WordPress for creating courses with management features.
  385. WYSIWYG Web Builder An inexpensive, full-featured authoring tool that outputs to HTML and other formats.
  386. Xerceo Feathercap(Xerceo, Inc.) An LMS and marketplace for courses. Includes a course and quiz builder. Now has mobile and eCommerce capability and has adopted the Tin Can/Experience API. Can import courses developed in Articulate Storyline.  Formerly Xerceo Infuse and TrainingAtom.
  387. Xerte (The University of Nottingham) Open source tools for authoring.
  388. Xical (Active Content AG, richdale & friends) A free, open source player for media rich presentations.
  389. Xtractor eStudio(Xtractor) A complete web-based (collaborative) e-learning authoring tool. Based in Sweden. Also offer eQuick for mobile learning, the eGate LMS and a tool called e360 Panorama which offers a 360 degree view of objects with close-up views of specific parts.
  390. Presenter(XStream Software Inc.) streaming media authoring tool. Also offer SCORM Library (XSL) – a delivery and tracking platform for Sharepointand several other Sharepoint tools. Based in Ottawa.
  391. Xyleme Dynamic Assembly Application (Xyleme) Part of the Xyleme LCMS. Formerly Novizio.
  392. ZebraZapps (Allen Learning Technologies LLC) A cloud-based authoring system new in 2011 from Michael Allen that includes sharing and publishing.Supports the Tin Can API. Has partnered with the eLearning Brothers to produce photographic character packs.
  393. Zenler Studio(Zenler – DigitalOfficePro, Inc.) A “Game-based eLearning course development tool.” Includes PowerPoint conversion and quiz creation features.  Version 4.1 ProPlus publishes to HTML5.  They also offer an LMS – Zenler Online.
  394. Zentrick Studio (Zentrick) A video platform for creating interactive experiences, publishing and managing them. Marketed as a marketing tool but could also be used for eLearning.
  395. Ziiva Prosperity Creator (Ziiva, Inc.) included in Prosperity LMS.
  396. Znanja (Velsoft) and A converter from Microsoft Word or PowerPoint into e-learning but includes many other tools as well including quiz, video, etc.Included with their Velocity LMS. Based in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada.