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Testimonials from LinkedIn.


“Amit and I worked together on several complex training and enablement projects at Salesforce, including helping the entire 50K+ employees change from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning, as well as rolling out Lightning Knowledge. Both required careful analysis of the various stakeholder groups to determine their unique learning objectives and style. Amit led a team of content developers to deliver consistently high quality eLearning content developed in Adobe Captivate. He also partnered with me in the development of a custom built internal Learning Management System using Salesforce Platform and Heroku. Amit has deep expertise in both the technical and training spaces, and uses those skills to help people work through change and master the skills necessary to succeed in their roles. To top it all off, Amit possesses a very kind and patient demeanor which is essential for building good working relationships through cooperation and effective communication.”

Patrick Vogt, M.S.

Experienced Organizational Change Management Professional with specializations in IT Ops and Salesforce Implementation
Armis USA

“I have worked with Amit on long term onsite e-learning project for Appirio. Amit was the project lead from the client side. Amit is a highly positive leader, who moves things with great ease and confidence. He is a thorough team player who believes in involving all stakeholders, values each members opinions and experience. Amit always managed to add more to the discussions and the output. I found Amit to be in constantly upgrading his knowledge and skills. He is highly professional with great levels of humility. It is great to work with such a knowledgeable professional who gets the best out of the team. Best Wishe”

Imran Ahmed Behlim CPLP ®

TD professional and Entrepreneur. Led projects in technology driven learning and instructor led facilitations.
Wisdom Rays

“In my career working for leading IT companies forthe last 8 years I got to know excellent Professionals from India. And I also had the priviledge to bring many to establish themselves succesfully in Japanese powerful Corporations. Now recalling how I started it I would say that great part of it was thanks to Amit Soni. We met in 2011 and I learned to admire his professionalism when working for Chiyoda, in Yokohama city, Japan. Although he per se is a good technical lead at his area, I would surely appoint him to work in Human Resources/ General Affairs, due to the great ability and methods he has to lead with people, processes and trainings as well. Amit is an asset for opening new opportunitiesfor people and corporations which aim to expand their frontiers, abroad or in Japan. Very positive, He is focused and always has the right advice. I am glad I had the priviledge of meeting such a talented person and we will surely keep in touch for Life long.”

Helio Sato

IT Program Manager
Wipro Limited, Japan

“Amit is bundle of pure energy combined with razor-sharp intelligence. He has the uncanny ability to cut right to the heart of the issue and come up with really out-of-the-box solutions. Amit is definitely an expert on elearning Authoring and graphic tools and he can make it do some pretty impressive things He has a great sense of Learning Design and created valuable assets for Appirio Academy. The other quality that one can always associate with Amit is his positive attitude and friendly nature. He is a team player and works extremely well with at all levels of the organization, which in turn has earned him a lot of respect among his co-workers.

Manpreet Singh

Managing Director
Tranction on Demand

“I met Amit in a MOOC, we worked in the same project team, where I was the project leader. I could see from the start his talent to management. Engaged, very focused, he was one of the most collaborative team members we had. On top of all the technical abilities he has, he is great in motivating people to do their best. He is surely an invaluable asset for the company that have the privilege of having him as a collaborator

Patricia Moura

Instructional Designer | Project Manager
WHQ Remote Volunteer at Watchtower – USA

“The 1st thing that comes to mind when you think of Amit is “If you can dream it, he can create it”. Amit is probably the most creative Instructional Designer I have ever met.

While working on projects, I would describe what I wanted to see, and the results where always way beyond my expectations. His imagination is boundless. Also, when faced with strict deadlines, he always comes through in the crunch. Recognized by Appirio’s CEO Chris Barbin for creating an amazing Customer Experience Center Inauguration is just one of many examples I can highlight. His ability to learn new e-learning software’s/technologies is fascinating and to top it off, he is an dynamic Technical Trainer.

The other quality that one can always associate with Amit is his positive attitude and friendly nature. He is a team player and works extremely well with at all levels of the organization, which in turn has earned him a lot of respect among his co-workers.

I wish Amit all the best in his career and vouch that he will consistently deliver world class solutions”

Sunil Shah

Senior Learning & Development Consultant

“It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Amit. I had the pleasure of working with Amit for 7 months at the Appirio india cloud solution, collaborating on several projects. I was particularly impressed by Amit’s ability to handle even the toughest clients—and effortlessly. That skill often takes years to develop among customer service professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him. No matter how tense a meeting, he always made sure everyone left with a smile. As a team member or a colleague , Amit earns my highest recommendation.”

Surendra Singh Shekhawat

Asst. Manager at MakeMyTrip.com

“Amit Soni’s profile speaks for itself. I remember checking his profile when I first joined LinkedIn and I was surprised how many recommendations he got, simply he is an expert in his field.
He is one of the best among all people I have ever met. Working with Soni I found him as a person with great recognition and deep experience of IT solutions equipped with ambitious and boundless energy, that’s Amit Soni!.
He can be great asset to any team.He has strong technical skills, always eager to learn something new. Strongly desires architect role. He is a joy to work with. He handled our Web page assignment during college days with aplomb and diligence, displaying the ability to follow creative direction while adding his own creative input in a diplomatic and useful way. I recommend him to anyone who needs design and Website work.”

Abhishek Srivastava


“Amit K Soni have worked on E-Learning development for Chiyoda Japan as well as for L&T Chiyoda very efficiently and is very creative and innovative way of working, which has resulted in to very high appreciation from the end users.”

Jayesh Mistry

Head of Engineering at L&T Arabia at KSA
March 2, 2015, Jayesh managed Amit at L&T-Chiyoda Limited 

“Amit K Soni is a quick learner on anything new or old. He is very good in front end engineering with latest technologies. He is very enthusiastic and a fun guy to work. We worked as a team on a critical project and though fresher he was very quick on getting solutions to problems and demonstrated excellent creative skills.”

AbbasAli Trunkwala

Microsoft .Net Technology Consultant
July 4, 2014, AbbasAli worked directly with Amit Kumar at L&T-Chiyoda Limited 

“Amit has very good hands-on on writing e-Learning contents as well as presentation in best and user understandable way. I check his contains on few system, he is has very good hand on designing visual material from pieces of paragraphs”

Sunil Gajjar

RTO Software Developer at Sakhalin Energy, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia
August 23, 2015, Sunil managed Amit K Soni indirectly at Larsen & Toubro

“Amit is a good team member and has very creative mind set. He is extremely positive in his work and ensure quality deliverables. His enthusiasm and professional nature has always made him progress in his career. He learnt excellent skills on e-learning content with specialised focus on web designing and UI management.”

Hitesh Dalal
Vice President at Reliance
June 23, 2014, Hitesh managed Amit Kumar at L&T-Chiyoda Limited

“A good learner, observer and implementer. Good knowledge of designing, e-learning modules and development with hands on experience. Very good presentation and training skills.”

Keyur Sheth
Assistant Manager (IT) at L&T-CHIYODA LIMITED
June 21, 2014, Keyur worked directly with Amit Kumar at L&T-Chiyoda Limited

“Amit is a very creative guy. He puts his best in whatever he does and mostly he is able to generate great and impressive ouputs.”

Sudarshan Rokde
Assistant Manager at L&T-Chiyoda Limited
September 18, 2013, Sudarshan worked with Amit Kumar at L&T-Chiyoda Limited

“An exceptionally talented and a visionary leader, Mr. Amit Soni was my direct manager during my internship at L&T Chiyoda Ltd. Working with him was a great experience in itself and I not only grew as a professional under his guidance, but also as a person. He is immensely dedicated to his work.”

Vishal Raheja
Software Engineer at Facebook
September 5, 2013, Vishal reported to Amit Kumar at L&T-Chiyoda Limited

“Amit is a person who is one of the finest software engineer I have come across. I am his customer as well. His best part of development is he does great detailed research before working on the project. He has a very systematic and planned way of working. He takes constructive interest in new areas to exolore. He also develops his skills on his own. He has expertise in developing e-learning courses. He also brushed his soft skills by becoming member of Toast Masters club. His approach towards subject is remarkable.”

Pallav Anjaria
Asst. Manager Human Resources at L&T-CHIYODA LIMITED (Larsen & Toubro Ltd.)
December 30, 2012, Pallav worked directly with Amit Kumar at L&T-Chiyoda Limited

“Smart working Instructional Designer and Engineer.”

Netramohan Kakati
Engineer at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
December 13, 2010, Netramohan worked with Amit Kumar at L&T-Chiyoda Limited

“I have known Amit to be a very smart and Hard-working person. Though very knowledgeable, he is humble and always offers to help his colleagues when need be.
He also has an excellent command over his work profile, and strives to complete all the assigned work by the deadline. He has always been a confident and cheerful person, with keen interest on learning and venturing into new endeavors.”


Jigar Shah
MBA / MS-ITM – School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas
January 2, 2011, Jigar managed Amit K indirectly at Larsen & Toubro

“Some people are born fighter, have great qualities in them, they r outstanding in every field, they have knowledge and always keen to know about everything and Amit is must say is the representative of this community of extraordinary persons”

 Abeer Goswami
Managing Director at SSQ Infratech Private Limited

“Amit is really a nice and hardworking guy. I knew him from our collage days and he grew well. He was always ready to help others even few minutes before exams and still is. He always takes interests in learning and trying new things. His deep understanding in industrial solutions and business investment is great. I wish him the best.”

Nitesh Pandit
Software System Engineer at Qualitrol
March 9, 2015, Nitesh studied with Amit K at Rajiv Gandhi Prodyogiki Vishwavidyalaya

“Amit is a very good person, words are not enough to express his goodness. I have known Amit as a friend and believe me he is considerate, understanding and sympathetic. I wish him the very best in his life.”

Abdul Niloofer
Abdul Niloofer
Teacher at M.S University of Baroda
December 11, 2010, Abdul managed Amit Kumar at L&T-Chiyoda Limited
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