Best Elearning development resouces

One of the challenges that eLearning professionals face is knowing just where to find useful and effective eLearning resources for course design. However, there are a variety of sites that offer wonderful instructional design tools that materials for you to choose from. Better yet, a vast majority of them are absolutely free. Here are the top eLearning resources that you’ll want to check out before creating your next course or lesson module:


Royalty Free Stock Images:

All of these photo sites offer FREE images that you can download. Most of them do either require registration or that you publish a credit for the photo. However, that’s a small price to pay for high quality images that will give you the opportunity to incorporate a professional visual element into your site or course design.

1. FreeDigitalPhotos
2. Stock. XCHNG
3. The Getty 
4. Stock Vault 
5. eLearning Art 
6. LA County Museum of Art
7. MorgueFile 
Want to know about more royalty free stock photo sites that you can use for your course or eLearning website design? Here is The Ultimate list of Free Stock Photos Sites for eLearning.


Free Graphics and Clip Art:

All of these sites offer free clip art or graphics that you can use for your eye-catching course or website design. It’s a known fact that courses featuring aesthetically pleasing or illustrative design elements create a more immersive and effective learning experience.

8. Openclipart 
9. Vecteezy 
10. Vector Art 
11. eLearning Assets 

Want to include maps in your course or site design? This article offers an in depth look at How To Use The 5 Best Free Map Creation Tools for Teachers


Free Fonts:

Want to avoid traditional, overused fonts when creating your courses? Why not try one of these free font sites, which offer unique scripts that you can use when creating your eLearning modules.

12. DaFont 
13. Type Depot 
14. Urban Fonts 
15. Open Font Library 
16. FontCab

Free Backgrounds:

Make your web page or course more visually appealing by adding a background from one of these free sites. If you are using it for a web page, smaller backgrounds will usually automatically repeat. However, if you are using it for a course module, then you make have to use photo editing software to repeat them (in order to cover the entire background).

17. Design Instruct
18. Demilked
19. Freebies Gallery 
20. BluGraphic 
21. Webtreats ETC 
22. Pepsized 


Free Audio Clips and Audio Editing Tools:

Want to add music or sound effects to your eLearning site or course? These sites offer you the ability to include an auditory component to modules or web pages, which can help to make the educational experience more engaging and interactive for the learner.

23. Freesound – Free sound effects and sound clips.
24. Incompetech – Royalty free music.
25. Soundjay – High quality sound effects.
26. Musopen – Public domain library featuring music clips.
27. Audacity – Free sound editing program.
28. Wavosaur – Sound editing program for windows.
29. Ardour – Sound editing program for Mac.
30. Natural Reader – Converts text to audio.


Free Social Media eLearning Tools:

Social Media now plays a major role in the world of eLearning. Here are some free social media sites that can give you the ability to directly interact with learners, as well as those that are highly effective eLearning course design tools.

31. Skype  Record pod casts for your students.
32. Google Hangouts  Start discussion groups.
33. HootSuite – Allows you to schedule social media events.
34. Blog Talk Radio – Create a radio broadcast.
35. WikiSpaces – Build and Share Content.

Free Course Design/Authoring Tools:

These free tools will enable you to design and maintain your course modules or web pages, without spending a lot of time or money.

36. iSpring
37. MyBrainShark
38. CourseLab
39. ClassMaker
40. AuthorPoint Lite
41. Udutu

Free Reference Resources:

Looking for more information about eLearning and course design. These blogs and sites will offer you advice, insight, and tips on how to create effective courses, engage learners, and a variety of other key eLearning topics.

42. eLearning Industry
43. eLearning Technology
44. Bozarthzone
45. E-Learning Curve Blog
46. Alltop

Other Free eLearning Resources:

These are some additional eLearning tools and resources that are worth checking out.

47. Dropbox – Sync files and share them.
48. Doodle – Makes scheduling simple and straightforward.
49. Asana – Share tasks and documents online.
50. LastPass – Helps to manage passwords.