amitsonig2Amit is a modern mindfulness teacher and researcher. He is practicing various meditations for 8 years. Amit is Engineer and loves technology, and having 15+ years of IT corporate experience. Amit has the unique ability to combine Indian Ancient knowledge, Positive Psychology, and Tibetan Bowl Sound Meditation for helping the modern world. Amit is a life coach, and he is also a Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Pranic Healer, Certified Reiki Advanced Healer, and Certified Sound/Music healer.

He has also attended a course in Inner Engineering thought Isha, Art of Living – Sudarshan Kriya, Ayurveda and Immunity Master Class, thought Food. He recently completed a ten-day-long silent meditation retreat called Vipassana, where he did 10 hours of meditation each day. Amit has the unique ability to integrate Indian Ancient knowledge, psychology, Mindfulness, and Yoga to provide a holistic experience for learners. Amit is on a mission to Educate and Empower people to lead Happy Life.

Amit Expertise: Mindful Eating – Concept of Ayurveda Eating, Breathing Techniques, How to overcome Overthinking Loop? Tibetian Sound Healing Meditation for Instant Relax, Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), Breathing Awareness

My Spiritual JourneyAmit-Mindfulness Journey

  • Certified Yoga Instructor Course,
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner (Level 1 & Level 2)
  • Certified Pranic Healing Practitioner (Level 1, 2 & 3)
  • Certified Sound Healer
  • Certified Music Therapist
  • Art of Living Workshop
  • Inner Engineering Course, Isha, Coimbatore
  • Immunity Masterclass Through Food (Ayurveda)
  • Trance-formation – Self  hypnotherapy
  • 10 days Silent meditation retreat – Vipassana

What I do in Mindfulness

1. Art of Mindfulness Group

We are facing unprecedented times, full of Fear & Anxiety. It’s crucial that we focus on Mental wellbeing and together raise our vibrations for Health & Happiness.  Research reveals that mindfulness can help us develop greater resilience – but how? let’s experience it while practicing it.

I have designed the Art of Mindfulness session for this person who is getting affected due to COVID. My objective is to train you for techniques to use after the session in your everyday life. To connect with today’s Practical Challenges, we have combined Indian Ancient Mindfulness breathing exercises, Positive Psychology, and Tibetan Bowl Sound Meditation. It will be beneficial for you to apply to your everyday life without much effort. For the majority, he focuses on the following area.

  • Inner Peace with Powerful Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound (8D) Meditatio
  • How to Pause yourself using Mindfulness Breaks
  • Mindfulness is a powerful tool to strengthen your emotional and mental health.

2. Sound Healing / Music Therapy

Everything in our universe is information and energy vibrating at specific frequencies. Music is a powerful tool to guide consciousness into higher realms and induce healing. I can have personalized sessions for Sound healing for specific diseases and mental disorders.

3. Life Coaching

As a coach, I offer a true coaching presence glanced with curiosity to ask some powerful questions that help my coachee find their answers. Being a mindfulness teacher, I encourage the practice of Self-exploration and inner talk to connect with inner wisdom and find the solutions which are already inside.

My Sound Meditations