Vipassana Dhamma hall Hyderabad

From Mindfulness to Meditation – My 10 Days Silent meditation transformative experience

  I have recently attended 10 days noble silence meditation retreat called Vipassana Meditation. In this article, I’ll share my detailed experiences about My transformative Vipassana meditation Journey with you. This involves my experiences, learnings, observation, Knowing Spirituality in more depth, self-discipline, training your mind, controlling your mind and body, winning over pain, everything is energy and[…]


Amit is a modern mindfulness teacher and researcher. He is practicing various meditations for 8 years. Amit is Engineer and loves technology, and having 15+ years of IT corporate experience. Amit has the unique ability to combine Indian Ancient knowledge, Positive Psychology, and Tibetan Bowl Sound Meditation for helping the modern world. Amit is a[…]