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Learning Experience Strategy

Learning Experience Design Practice Leadership – Partners with business leaders/partners/customers to Drives the overall vision and sets the learning strategy to create innovative, leading-edge capabilities for success.

Change Enablement

Focus on Customer, Sales and Partner Enablement using Change Management and deliver the necessary tools, content, training, process, and shares best practices to ensure they are successful using Instructional Design and learning technology.


Amit offers a whole coaching presence with curiosity to ask powerful questions that help coachee find their answers.

Mindfulness – GIVING BACK

Being a mindfulness enthusiast, he encourages self-exploration and inner talk to connect with inner wisdom and enable inside solutions. Amit runs “Art of Mindfulness” Session for helping employees to come out of stress and become resident

Research reveals that mindfulness can help us develop greater resilience, and I connect Indian Ancient Mindfulness breathing exercises, Positive Psychology, and Tibetan Bowl Sound Meditation for Impactful results.

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